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AlphaGUARD - Radon Monitoring On The Set Of Underworld

13th December 2021

The AlphaGUARD and AlphaE radon monitors were recently featured on the upcoming TV series, Underworld, a show centerd around caving and travelling all over the world working with scientists and archaeologists.

Rigaku ResQ CQL 1064nm Raman Spectrometer

9th December 2021

Check out the Rigaku ResQ CQL 1064nm Raman Spectrometer a robust handheld device capable of identifying hidden threats and much more...

Join Molecube's Pre-clinical Brain PET Studies Webinar!

3rd December 2021

Register for Molecube's Webinar to learn more about Optimizing Pre-clinical Brain PET Studies Using Data-driven Normalization, Click to find out more..

RDS-32 Survey Meter

30th November 2021

The next generation Survey Meter for a wide range of applications.

Find us at 'Meet the Buyer' Nuclear Supply Chain Event

26th November 2021

Join our Product Specialists at 'Meet the Buyer' Nuclear Supply Chain Event, Click to find out more

WATCH: Posijet® - automatic injector for radiopharmaceuticals

26th November 2021

The new generation Posijet® from Lemer Pax is an independent fractionation and injection unit for high energy radiopharmaceuticals. Click to read more.

Posijet has a positive impact at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

26th November 2021

The Nuclear Medicine Department of the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust recently invested in a Lemer Pax Posijet.

H-Series Gamma Imaging Spectrometer - H3D H420

22nd November 2021

The H420 is a Gamma-imaging system that utilizes CZT detectors, capable of identifying, quantifying and localising gamma-emitting isotopes in nuclear power plants, emergency/accident situations, hospitals or industrial sites.

Radiation Contamination in Scrap Metal

4th November 2021

The unseen danger that may be hiding in your scrap deliveries, click to find out more!

Southern Scientific announces new partnership with Helgeson

21st October 2021

We are working with Helgeson, a manufacturer with over 30 years in the nuclear sector, click to find out more.

TEMA Hand, Foot and Clothes Monitors

12th October 2021

The TEMA Sinergie hand, foot, and clothes (HFC) monitors are designed for personnel measuring of gamma and beta contamination. Ideal for use within nuclear medicine...

Educational session: Advanced insights in preclinical PET

23rd September 2021

MOLECUBES will present in-depth insights into the key components that constitute a preclinical PET system click to register.

The Radhound Radiation Survey Meter

21st September 2021

The Radhound is a feature-packed digital radiation monitor that is ideal for use within a large range of sectors, including academia, pharmaceutical research, and nuclear medicine/PET.

Educational session: An introduction to preclinical PET imaging

17th September 2021

MOLECUBES will present the basic principles of PET imaging and how this technology can be used to advance scientific research, click to register. 

New Aura 4.0 software update from Spectral Instruments Imaging

15th September 2021

Spectral Instruments Imaging has launched new Aura 4.0 software, click to find out more!

Pro-Project's DIAGNOMATIC: A new automated solution for quality control of imaging devices

8th September 2021

Diagnomatic by Pro Project is a fully automated quality control solution for diagnostic medical equipment, click to find out more. 

Introducing XEOS at the London Breast Meeting 1st - 4th September

25th August 2021

Southern Scientific is now working with XEOS, a company revolutionising specimen imaging, click to find out more. 

Southern Scientific promotes Laura Gerla to Nuclear and Industrial Sector Manager

17th August 2021

Southern Scientific has appointed a new Nuclear and Industrial Sector Manager, click to find out more!

Lemer Pax solutions for nuclear medicine

17th August 2021

From high energy radiopharmaceuticals units to tungsten syringe shields, view Lemer Pax's full range here. 

Rigaku ResQ CQL featured in CBNW Journal

12th August 2021

Learn why the Rigaku ResQ CQL is the tool of choice for fast ID of fentanyl, new psychoactive substances (NPS) and other synthetic opioids, click to find out more.

Improve HSE compliance with our contamination monitors

10th August 2021

Make sure you are meeting IRR17 regulations with our contamination monitors, click to find out more. 

FLIR launches new identiFINDER® R700 Backpack Radiation Detector (BRD)

5th August 2021

The new identiFINDER® R700 Backpack Radiation Detector (BRD) offers new spectroscopic broad-search capabilities, click to find out more.

Medicines Discovery Catapult upgrade to MOLECUBES preclinical PET/CT system

28th July 2021

Medicines Discovery Catapult has upgraded to a MOLECUBES preclinical PET/CT system, click to read more.

Reliable and ruggedized: Why the 6112AD Teletector is ideal for nuclear waste management

27th July 2021

The 6112AD is a new development of old versions, combining the best and most loved features with more reliable electronics.

Webinar: Novel Applications of Trace Detection in EOD

15th July 2021

Join 908 Devices in a webinar about explosive ordinance disposal and more, click to register. 

New Learning Center for In Vivo Imaging

8th July 2021

Spectral Instruments Imaging has launched a brand new learning center for all things in vivo imaging, click to find out more.

Southern Scientific and Care Wise announce partnership with the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation

23rd June 2021

We're pleased to announce a new partnership with the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation, click to read more. 

We can't wait for the SRP Annual Conference 2021!

20th June 2021

We're excited about attending the SRP Annual Conference next month - our first in-person event since March 2020! 

White paper: Aerosol Hazard Management 101 with MX908 Aero

10th June 2021

Click to read the new white paper from 908 Devices: Aerosol Hazard Management 101. 

Implementation of a comprehensive system for radiological control and monitoring on the coast

27th May 2021

Innovative systems for radiological control and monitoring on the coast - click to find out about Bertin's solutions.

The Tracerco T406 radiation monitor is ideal for NDT

25th May 2021

Hygienic, safe to use and flexible; find out more about the T406 X-Ray radiation monitor, 

ANNOUNCEMENT! Southern Scientific and LabLogic Group Rebranding

24th May 2021

We are excited to unveil rebranding across the LabLogic Group! Click to find out more.

It was great to see you (virtually!) at BNMS...

20th May 2021

...But we can't wait to see you in person!

New Aerosol Module for Handheld MX908

19th May 2021

Detect and identify toxic aerosols and vapor threats with the Aero, click to find out more. 

Wilma: The ideal solution for radionuclide detection in water

12th May 2021

Wilma is used at MIT and the UK National Physical Laboratory, click to read more. 

Renewing your radiation protection accessories?

12th May 2021

Syringe shields, bins and tongs - HOY Scandinavian has it all!

(Video) See the wireless C-Trak Apollo gamma probe in action

5th May 2021

The new C-Trak Apollo is a wireless and wired gamma probe for radio guided surgery, watch our new video to find out more. 

FLIR launch new accessories for G510 including vehicle kit, autosampler and sample prep kit!

15th April 2021

FLIR has launched a new range of new sampling tools, click to read more. 

Raman, HP-MS and GC-MS: Supporting law enforcement with drug interdiction detection

25th March 2021

It's imperative to equip law enforcement with suitable identification devices, click to read our overview of solutions. 

Global Britain in a Competitive Age: the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy

17th March 2021

Southern Scientific picks out key points from the Integrated Review, click to read more.

10 tips and tricks for in vivo imaging!

9th March 2021

Check out the latest from Spectral Instruments Imaging to get the most out of your in vivo imaging. 

Did you know we sell air samplers for nuclear applications?

22nd February 2021

Click to view the full range from HI-Q!

908 Devices Webinar: Novichoks in the News

17th February 2021

In the webinar, 908 will explore the history of how Novichok chemical warfare agents were developed, sign up now. 

Preclinical In-Vivo Research Webinar: An update on the latest technologies

16th February 2021

LabLogic, Southern Scientific's sister company, is hosting a joint webinar on Thursday 11th March 5pm GMT (12pm EST) with partners MOLECUBES, Hidex and Swisstrace, click to signup. 

See the Rigaku Progeny ResQ CQL in action

27th January 2021

See the Rigaku Progeny ResQ CQLin a new video, click to watch, 

(App Note) Alpha and Beta air monitoring at a nuclear site with BAB-A7

12th January 2021

Click to read the latest app note from Bertin about Alpha & Beta air monitoring at a nuclear site with BAB-A7. 

Don't miss our end of year offers!

7th January 2021

End of year budget to spend? Contact us for offers across nuclear medicine products.