TEMA Hand, Foot and Clothes Monitors

12th October 2021

The TEMA Sinergie hand, foot, and clothes (HFC) monitors are designed for personnel measuring of gamma and beta contamination. Ideal for use within nuclear medicine, radiopharmacy and radiochemistry labs or other areas with the possibility of beta and gamma radioisotope contamination.

Quick and simple HSE compliance

Ensure full compliance and traceability when it comes to working with ionising radiation. The TEMA hand, foot, and clothes monitors ensure that no contamination leaves your designated areas by providing members of staff with a simple, PPE-friendly interface to interact and test with.

From the moment the devices are turned on, an initial background reading is taken, which is subtracted from operator measurements, intermittent background readings are also taken to further ensure accuracy in areas of fluctuating levels of background radiation. To operate the instrument, the member of staff simply steps onto the device and follows the on-screen prompts.

Each reading is taken in succession and logged against the alarm thresholds, with a simple pass (green) or fail (red) prompt against each area, along with the final reading taken. These alarm thresholds are fully customizable.


Alternative and more traditional methods of monitoring hands and feet commonly exist, such as using handheld devices to record measurements on a paper-based system. These methods lack efficiency; something that is critical in modern hospital and lab environments.     

By having a purpose-built device like the TEMA hand, foot, and clothes monitors, not only are the risks removed but so too is the time required to accurately log all the data. With each member of staff having their own user account, a full audit trail can be created and reviewed, ensuring that everything is accounted for.

To find out more about the TEMA hand, foot, and clothes monitors please contact us at info@southernscientific.co.uk