Rigaku ResQ CQL featured in CBNW Journal

12th August 2021

CBNW Journal - Casting RAMAN LIGHT on opioids with the Rigaku Progeny ResQ CQL

Check out this article in the latest issue of CBNW Journal authored by CBRNe Market Specialist Jose Miguel Jimenez.

In the article, Jose explains why the Rigaku ResQ CQL is the tool of choice for fast ID of fentanyl, new psychoactive substances (NPS) and other synthetic opioids. 

Read the article here

Rigaku Progeny ResQ CQL key features 

  • Eliminates fluorescence interference (1064nm benefit)
  • On-board camera (enhance your incident reporting!)
  • Automatic precursor warning (4C combination warning of potential precursors)
  • Non-visible sample detection (via integrated trace detection colorimetrics – Optional QuickDetect Mode)
  • Measure through colored packaging without sample preparation
  • MIL-STD-810G rugged
  • IP68 rated for easy decontamination
  • Connectivity (USB, WiFi)