Posijet has a positive impact at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

26th November 2021

The Nuclear Medicine department team with their Posijet. From left to right are: Kyran Lall - Specialist Technologist, David Parkin - Radiopharmacy Production Manager, Matthew Galloway - Principal Clinical Scientist, Vincent Leung - Consultant Radiologist, James Cullis - Head of Nuclear Medicine, and Oludolapo Adesanya - Consultant Radiologist 

The nuclear medicine department of the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust recently invested in a Lemer Pax Posijet. Matthew Galloway, principal clinical scientist, and his team have now been using the system for just over six months and it is already proving its worth.

“Whole body and extremity radiation doses have been steadily increasing for staff within our Department as a consequence of increasing PET/CT workloads, so we were looking to significantly optimize radiation exposures,” said Matthew. “We considered a few options before settling on the Posijet unit, which proved to be the best fit for the size of our operational area and workflow.”

Easy to commission and operate

“Introducing a new system is always a challenge, but in this case it proved to be very easy. A Lemer Pax engineer visited our site and provided detailed training. There was a lot to learn regarding the setting up process, but despite the complexities, it was all relatively straightforward. Throughout the process both Lemer Pax and Bartec were very accommodating, particularly whilst we continued training other members of our team.”

Multiple benefits

“Since the introduction of the Posijet we have been compiling data to determine just how effective it has been in terms of reducing staff radiation doses. This is an ongoing process and is also influenced by a number of factors, but the early indications are that the whole body and finger dose to staff has been reduced significantly.”

“There have been other benefits too, some more aesthetical than clinical. On the operational side the Posijet certainly delivers more consistent administrations due to doses spending less time in preparation and transportation. It has also reduced the workload in the dispensary and lessened the risk of adverse incidents, such as contamination and needle sticks. From a purely visual perspective, patients like it too. Apparently they think it is quite fancy!"

“Overall the introduction of the Posijet has had a positive impact on the way we work and the transition to the new system has been relatively smooth. Both Lemer Pax and Bartec have been very supportive throughout."