New Aura 4.0 software update from Spectral Instruments Imaging

15th September 2021

New features for optical imaging software 

We are excited to announce that Spectral Instruments Imaging has launched new Aura 4.0 software for optical imaging systems Ami and Lago

With a fresh new look, Aura 4.0 will significantly improve ease of use and enable both beginners and experts to get better data, faster!

Key new features

  • Easy Mode to simplify the acquisition
    New Easy Mode makes capturing data faster than ever before. Simply select your probe and subject and acquire your data! No need to optimize imaging parameters such as exposure time, f/stop, binning, or object height.
  • Smart Auto Exposure for optimal exposures
    Novel Smart Auto Exposure significantly extends the dynamic range to identify optimal exposure time - enabling simultaneous visualisation of both faint and bright signals in the same organizm.
  • Smooth Blend data display for stunning images
    Proprietary Smooth Blend technology enables rapid data acquisition at maximum sensitivity without compromising image quality. 
  • Classic Modes and Features still available
    All acquisition features existing users are familiar with will still be available in Classic Modes.

Want to try the software before you buy? You can! 

Spectral Instruments Imaging supports open collaboration by providing free analysis copies, without limit or license - available for both Mac & PC. Aura Software supports legacy files by opening and analyzing IVIS®  Living Image® data.