Rigaku ResQ CQL 1064nm Raman Spectrometer

9th December 2021

Identifying Hidden Threats Using the Rigaku ResQ CQL Spectrometer 

The Rigaku ResQ CQL 1064nm Raman Spectrometer is a robust handheld device capable of identifying hidden threats, including illicit drugs, explosives, hazardous chemicals, precursors, steroids, and more in the most demanding environments. It is being used globally by different national law enforcement agencies to interdict and degrade drug smuggling supply chains. 

Analysis Capabilities 

The ResQ CQL’s 1064nm longer wavelength excitation laser identifies substances with reduced fluorescence interference to increase signal-to-noise ratio. Its digital library catalogs approximately 13,000 compound identifiers to cover a broad range of threats, including; 

  • Explosives, including military and civilian grades, IEDs, and precursors 
  • Narcotics, including psychotropic substances 
  • Hazardous chemicals, including Toxic Industrial Materials/Chemicals (TIM/TIC) 
  • Chemical Warfare Agents, including blister, blood, nerve, and choking agents 

Immediately Identifies Threats 

The ResQ CQL immediately identifies solid and liquid chemicals through different materials, including glass, plastic, translucent packaging, and colored materials, allowing it to detect deliberately hidden threats. It features automatic precursor warnings using 4C technology and produces more accurate spectra for both mixtures and trace amounts. 


The ResQ CQL is a robust portable device that allows it to be taken into the most challenging environments. As well as being waterproof, it can tolerate and function in extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C, lending itself well to the challenging conditions that law enforcement, military personnel, and first responders will find themselves under. 

Operational Use 

The ResQ CQL’s capabilities have been excellently demonstrated in the field following its use by US and Myanmar authorities in tackling international drug smuggling in Southeast Asia, targeting Precursor Chemical Supply Chain (PCSC) networks for mass production of drugs by criminal organizations. It has been able to successfully identify mislabeled and clandestine shipments of precursor chemicals being smuggled.