The Tracerco T406 radiation monitor is ideal for NDT

25th May 2021

Rapidly detect peak measurement with the T406

The Tracerco T406 x-ray monitor is a lightweight and easy to use handheld radiation monitor featuring a single, thin window energy compensated Geiger Muller tube.

It is particularly useful to detect leaks and radiation scatters around x-ray machines and diagnostic imaging equipment thanks to its low energy range.

  • X-rays and gamma-rays in range of 17 keV to 1332 keV
  • Robust water-resistant design
  • Easy to clean and therefore more hygienic than traditional x-ray monitors
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Large clear display, making it easy to take readings as they happen
  • Peak measurement facility for checking where a leak is at its worst
  • Extension pole kit available as an option