The Radhound Radiation Survey Meter

21st September 2021

Multi Purpose Digital Radiation Survey Meter

The Radhound is a feature-packed digital radiation monitor that is ideal for use within a large range of sectors, including academia, pharmaceutical research, and nuclear medicine/PET. With an array of Geiger-Müller, Sodium Iodide, and Plastic Scintillator-based probes, the whole spectrum of contamination and dose rate measurements is covered. The Radhound can be used as either a portable or fixed unit and thanks to a simple to use PPE-friendly interface, this makes it ideal for a multitude of environments.

Radhound Monitor Types

The Radhound comes in a variety of models, each designed to provide additional features and benefits to specific fields of use. The models available include:

The Radhound Multi-purpose Digital Radiation Meter

This is the default Radhound offering a multi-purpose radiation survey meter suitable for contamination monitoring and radiation protection. Count rate is displayed in large numbers above a bar scale. A one button push changes the display to a histogram plot to assist in locating a source of radiation, another available display allows Alpha and Beta/Gamma counts to be displayed separately on the same screen. For surveying operations the Radhound also has an integrator mode to take readings over a user established period of time.

The Radhound X/E and X/I

The Radhound X/E is an advanced hand-held general purpose radiation monitor, suitable for a wide range of probes. The Radhound X/I is a Radhound with an internal dose rate detector. Some of the unique features of this monitor include the ability to switch between probes via the menu, allowing for a dose rate and contamination probe to be configured for use with one instrument. This flexibility allows any standard probe to be used with an operating voltage of 300 - 1200 V.

The Radhound X335

The Radhound X335 is an advanced hand-held survey meter with an integrated compensated end window Geiger-Müller detector for gamma dose rate monitoring. With a dose rate range of H*(10): 0 uSv/h – 1 mSv/h and an energy response of 20 keV - 1.5 MeV making it ideal for nuclear medicine departments, radiological survey work and emergency planning, response and clean up.

Radhound Probes

The Radhound monitors have a wide selection of probes for an array of applications, these include:

  • SS300 Probe - An uncompensated pancake Geiger-Müller-based probe for alpha, beta and gamma contamination measurement.
  • SS315 Probe - Functionally similar to the SS300 but with different probe geometry.
  • SS330 Probe - An excellent general purpose end window compensated pancake Geiger-Müller probe with H*(10) energy compensation, permitting reliable measurements from ambient background up to 1 µSv/hr.
  • SS335 Probe - Functionally identical to the SS330 but with different probe geometry.
  • SS340 Probe - A side-window Geiger-Müller probe for ambient gamma radiation measurement to H*(10)
  • SS404 AI Probe - A thin-crystal NaI(TI) end-window scintillation probe that incorporates a ∅ 1.25” x 0.098” (32 x 2.5 mm) thick NaI(Tl) crystal mounted on an aluminium window and is fitted with an internal 3.15 mm lead collimator to reduce background counts.
  • SS404 Be Probe - Similar to the SS404 AI, however, the SS404 Be is fitted with a beryllium window, which extends the low energy response down to 5KeV, making it suitable for counting 55Fe.
  • SS500 Probe - A very sensitive end-window gamma scintillation probe. Equipped with a ∅ 1" x 1" (25.4 x 25.4 mm) NaI(Tl) crystal, it is designed to provide a cost-effective gamma monitor for energies of 50 keV upwards.
  • SS600 Probes - There are three versions of these 100 cm2 window probes available: 
    • The SS600 A Alpha only (zinc sulphide layer)
    • The SS600 B Beta only (Plastic Scintillator)
    • The SS600 AB Alpha/Beta (Zinc sulphide bonded to a plastic scintillator)
  • SS700 Probes - Three ergonomically balanced probes with a square window of 50cm2 and a 64o angled handle. These are:
    • SS700 A Alpha only (Zinc sulphide layer)
    • SS700 B Beta only (Plastic scintillator)
    • SS700 AB Alpha/Beta (Zinc sulphide bonded to a plastic scintillator)

For a more detailed overview and a full breakdown of each probe, please click here.

Software Features

The onboard software offers a well-rounded level of customization, from adjustable alarm thresholds to different display screens such as integrator mode, which allows you to take measurements over a set period of time. A histogram mode is also available, allowing for count rate data to be visually plotted over time to easily identify radioactive sources.

Custom Requests

With a manufacturing and engineering team on hand, we are happy to consider any requests and modifications within reason. For example, a RS232 serial connection can be established or extended cable lengths can be applied. Physical modifications such as wall brackets can also be installed, for specialist mounting to monitor your environment. 

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