Improve HSE compliance with our contamination monitors

10th August 2021

Ensure IRR17 compliance with Southern Scientific contamination monitors 

Since the introduction of the IRR17 regulations in 2018, there has been a steady increase to ensure workplaces across the UK are meeting the approved code of practice.

Auditing anxiety is a real thing!

Our contamination monitors below have been designed with you in mind, improving workflow efficiency whilst increasing patient and staff safety.

Designed for compliance

  • The Handhound contamination monitor is designed for use in isotope handling areas where hands could be contaminated, helping with HSE compliance by keeping a record of hand contamination measurements for each user.
  • The Tema Sinergie hand, foot and clothes monitor is designed to measure gamma and beta radiation and contamination levels, providing a report on the monitor which is automatically saved - great for HSE compliance!