Preclinical In-Vivo Research Webinar: An update on the latest technologies

16th February 2021

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LabLogic Systems Inc (USA), Southern Scientific's sister company, is hosting a joint webinar on Thursday 11th March 5pm GMT (12pm EST) with partners MOLECUBESSwisstrace and Hidex.

The webinar is aimed at those interested in in-vivo preclinical research.

Representatives from MOLECUBES, Swisstrace and Hidex will each deliver a 15-minute presentation with 5 minutes of dedicated Q&A time.

What will the presentations be about?

Dr. Sara Neyt, MOLECUBES: Preclinical PET, SPECT and CT imaging, a modern approach.

Geoff Warnock, Swisstrace: Arterial input function unlocks fully quantitative PET - from mouse to man with the Swisstrace Twilite.

Sari Viljanen, Hidex: Convenience and reliability with Hidex AMG automated gamma counter for biodistribution studies.