Webinar: Novel Applications of Trace Detection in EOD

15th July 2021

Webinar: Novel Applications of Trace Detection in EOD

Join 908 Devices in a webinar about explosive ordinance disposal and how to elevate the intel you gather on-scene with trace chemical detection. 

The webinar will cover multiple EOD scenarios and how you can look at them differently with the power of high-pressure mass spec in your toolkit. Specifically, it will cover: 

  • Commercial, military, and home-made explosive identification and what to watch for using trace chemical detection
  • Conventional and emerging chemical warfare threat management and how you can use trace chemical detection to protect yourself and others
  • Pharmaceutical-based agent discovery and how to adjust your tactics with knowledge derived from trace chemical detection 

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Wednesday 28th July 18:00 BST
Thursday 29th July 08:00 BST