WATCH: Posijet® - automatic injector for radiopharmaceuticals

26th November 2021

 Automatic injector for radiopharmaceuticals 

The new generation Posijet® from Lemer Pax is an independent fractionation and injection unit for high energy radiopharmaceuticals. Designed to meet radiation protection needs and reduce operator exposure, the Posijet® system offers unrivalled ease of use.

Posijet® reduces operator exposure 

  • Injection and rinsing operations in automatic and/or remote manual mode.
  • Reduction of potential distal doses, with the proposal of a wash out of the dose solution kit at the end of the cycle before unloading.

Easily adaptable to your workplace

  • Automatic mother solution volumic activity check and dilution assistant.
  • Consumables that are quick and easy to install.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • “Test injection site” function before the administration of the radiopharmaceutical by bolus NaCl (the volume of the bolus is adjustable).
  • Possibility to reassign an already prepared dose.

Ensures patient and operator safety

  • Maximum dose threshold, air bubble detector, injection force sensor.
  • Interoperability with all WIFI and ethernet connected radiopharmacy software.
  • A secure integrated web ite allows remote control and monitoring of all operations carried out with Posijet®, accessible on PC and mobile devices (smartphone, tablet,etc.).

The Posijet® automatic injector is for radiopharmaceuticals such as FDG, FDopa, NaF, FCholine, but also 68Ga.