Join Molecube's Pre-clinical Brain PET Studies Webinar!

3rd December 2021


Webinar: Optimizing Pre-clinical Brain PET Studies Using Data-driven Normalization

We would like to invite you for this webinar on Tuesday, December 7th at 5 PM CET | 11 AM EST | 8 AM PST




Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a powerful tool for the non-invasive evaluation and quantification of brain function. One of the easily accessible radiotracers in PET imaging is 18F-FDG and is used to evaluate global and regional glucose consumption in the brain in order to diagnose and to follow up neurological disorders. However, brain glucose uptake is subject-dependent because of many physiological factors like blood glucose level, anaesthesia, gender, etc. Therefore, data normalisation can improve quantification results and lower the standard deviations. In this webinar, prof. dr. Christian Vanhove will discuss how data-driven intensity normalization can improve and standardize 18F-FDG voxel-based brain analysis and quantification.

MOLECUBES provide three separate benchtop imagers or “CUBES”. The γ-CUBE (SPECT), β-CUBE (PET) and X-CUBE (CT) are perfectly suited for in vivo multimodal whole-body rat and mouse imaging. To find out more, click here.