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Save time and money with radiation shielding that's designed to last

15th December 2020

Hoy Scandinavian's range of high-quality radiation protection syringe and vial shields are designed to last. Click to find out more

Southern Scientific pays condolences to Steve Jackson

14th December 2020

The team at Southern Scientific pay tribute to former Service Manager, Steve Jackson. 

NEW: Radhound X335 for X-ray and gamma energy dose rate monitoring

10th December 2020

Southern Scientific has developed a new Radhound for low energy gamma and X-rays, click to read more. 

An updated COVID-19 message from Southern Scientific

8th December 2020

In line with the new government guidance, please see our updated message. 

See the new robust Raman Spectrometer from Rigaku

19th November 2020

Southern Scientific is pleased to be working with Rigaku, click to find out more.

Upcoming FLIR webinars: the latest in gamma spectrometers

12th November 2020

Register here for FLIR's upcoming webinars in November about gamma spectrometers. 

Radon Awareness Week 2020: Employee exposure at home

10th November 2020

Are your employees working from home in a radon affected area? Click to find out how to test for radon at home.

An updated COVID-19 message from our UK offices

6th November 2020

In line with the new government guidance, please see our updated message. 

Equipment to comply with IRR17

5th November 2020

Does your radiation monitoring equipment comply with IRR17? Click to read more.

Are you ready to upgrade your RTI Red Piranha?

27th October 2020

Make the move from Red to Black, click to arrange your upgrade.

Spend one-to-one time with our specialists

22nd October 2020

Don't miss out on virtual demos with our product specialists, click to find out more.

Video: Tracerco PED+ in Chernobyl with West Midlands Fire Service

7th October 2020

Watch our latest video to learn more about how the Tracerco PED+ was used in Chernobyl.

Lemer Pax case study: Ensuring optimal conditions for radiation protection in a mobile medical imaging unit

6th October 2020

Read the latest case study from Lemer Pax about a mobile medical imaging unit in Switzerland containing the Posijet®.

New software tutorial series for preclinical imaging

26th September 2020

Spectral Instruments Imaging have released a new software tutorial series on YouTube for Aura - click to watch.

Webinar: In vivo lung imaging biomarkers: evaluating Covid-19 with µCT

24th September 2020

Sign up to Molecubes' webinar about evaluating imaging biomarkers in covid-19 preclinical studies using the X-CUBE.

Sign up now: Fido X4 Handheld ETD Webinar

18th September 2020

FLIR is offering two free webinars in September, focused on providing information about the Fido X4 Handheld ETD. Read more here. 

Reducing turnaround time for Radhound repairs

9th September 2020

Looking to have your Radhound calibrated? Click to arrange.

Simple and easy mammography QA with the RTI Piranha

3rd September 2020

The RTI Piranha boasts the best in class specifications for mammography, click to read more. 

Southern Scientific working with Tema Sinergie

20th August 2020

Southern Scientific is pleased to announce a new partnership with Tema Sinergie, click to read more. 

The MX908 – a trace detector for all types of chemical threat

20th August 2020

The MX908 is an all-round trace chemical threat detector, click to read the latest on trace detection tech. 

Autonomous, flexible and robust dose rate monitoring with GammaTRACER XL2

10th August 2020

The GammaTRACER XL2 and SpectroTRACER from Bertin Instruments are designed for harsh conditions, click to read more. 

Tracerco Webinar: Ensuring personal safety with simple radiation dose management

28th July 2020

Sign up to Tracerco's upcoming webinar now.

Sign up to the new RTI Academy courses

16th July 2020

RTI has launched a new online training academy, click to sign up. 

908 Devices Webinar: Trace Detection for Narcotics Enforcement

9th July 2020

Join for an in-depth discussion of trace detection for narcotics enforcement, sign up here. 

Cannabinoids, synthetic cannabinoids and cannabis: What can the FLIR Griffin G510 detect?

7th July 2020

The FLIR Griffin G510 is capable of detecting and identifying both naturally-occurring and synthetic cannabinoids, click to read more. 

The Marc 7000 Tritium sampler is designed with efficient capture in mind

2nd July 2020

The Marc 7000 Tritium sampler is easy to use and doesn't require a lot of space, click to learn more.

Replacement for Amici lung ventilation units

24th June 2020

Southern Scientific has a new lung ventilation unit supplier, please click for more details. 

Check out RTI's new CT pencil ion chamber

18th June 2020

RTI's new CT pencil chamber has perfect energy dependence and highest sensitivity, click to find out more.

Webinar broadcast: MX908 Handheld Mass Spec

11th June 2020

Did you miss the MX908 Handheld Mass Spec Webinar? Catch up here.

Developing Novel Radiation Detectors for Oil-Well Logging with the University of Sheffield

8th June 2020

Developing novel radiation detectors for oil-well logging with the University of Sheffield. Read the full article. 

H3D: The future of high-performance 3D CZT

2nd June 2020

Southern Scientific is now representing H3D, a spinoff from Michigan University that specialises in 3-D CZT technology. Click to read more. 

Webinar: Enabling high throughput SPECT/CT screening with Molecubes

28th May 2020

Molecubes is hosting a webinar focusing on modular benchtop µSPECT/CT imagers and high throughput SPECT screening, click to sign up. 

The NEW MX908 Handheld Chemical Detector and Identifier from 908 Devices

27th May 2020

Southern Scientific is pleased to be working with 908 Devices, click to read more.

Webinar: The latest in radiation detection technology from FLIR

19th May 2020

Sign up to FLIR's upcoming webinar focusing on the latest in radiation detection technology, click to find out more. 

Bertin’s Coriolis Micro (μ) used to collect SARS-CoV-2

19th May 2020

Bertin’s Coriolis Micro (μ) has been used to collect SARS-CoV-2 at Imperial College London, click to read more. 

RTI can help you keep your X-ray machines running

14th May 2020

RTI can help you keep your X-ray machines running with the RTI Covid-19 Kit. Find out how 

How-to video: Scintigraphy on a standing horse with MiE

27th April 2020

Click to watch a how-to video from MiE about equine scintigraphy on a standing horse.

Southern Scientific Amici Distribution Announcement

22nd April 2020

Southern Scientific Amici Announcement. Click here to read the article. 

Free SERS Kit with a Serstech 100 Indicator

21st April 2020

Receive a free SERS Kit with the purchase of a Serstech 100 Indicator. Click to find out more.

Webinar: Choosing a RID from FLIR Systems

9th April 2020

Learn more about what features to look for when choosing a radionuclide identification device (RID) from FLIR.

How the Posijet® will increase PET-CT capability at Paul Strickland Scanner Center

4th April 2020

Paul Strickland Scanner Center choose a new Posijet® as part of a major upgrade, please click to read more.

Trade in your X-Ray QA meter for a new RTI device

1st April 2020

Do you have an old X-Ray QA meter? Trade in today for a new device, click to find out more.

CBNW Xplosive feature: The FLIR Fido X2 handheld explosive detector for counter-terrorism

31st March 2020

South Wales Police used the FLIR Fido X2 handheld explosive detector in a property raid that led to multiple convictions. CBNW has covered the case study, click to read. 

A message from Southern Scientific about COVID-19

26th March 2020

Click to read the latest update from Southern Scientific about COVID-19.

Versatile radon monitoring for buildings with AlphaGUARD

23rd March 2020

Radon levels in energy-efficient homes and workplaces are increasing. With AlphaGUARD, perform short-term and long-term measurements. Click to read more. 

Detecting fentanyl with the FLIR Griffin G510 and Serstech 100 Indicator

19th March 2020

Detect and identify fentanyl with the  FLIR Griffin G510 and Serstech 100 Indicator. Find out more:

Tumour localisation with North Tees and Hartlepool Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

9th March 2020

North Tees and Hartlepool Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is the latest hospital trust in the UK to begin using the I-125 seeds for tumour localisation in breast cancer patients. Click to find out more. 

Case study: How the Tracerco PED+ performed in Chernobyl

5th March 2020

West Midlands Fire Service recently took a Tracerco PED+ to Chernobyl. Click the link to find out how it fared. 

How do you detect biothreats?

12th February 2020

Tetracore's T-COR 8™ PCR Thermocycler analyzes samples for the rapid confirmatory analysis of biothreats and high-impact veterinary diseases. Find out more here. 

Using the FLIR Fido X2 handheld explosive detector for counter-terrorism

30th January 2020

South Wales Police used the FLIR Fido X2 handheld explosive detector in a property raid that contributed to multiple convictions. Click to read more. 

Capintec are the UK's Choice of Dose Calibrator

16th January 2020

Capintec's range of dose calibrators feature in nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy departments throughout the UK. View the full range here. 

Southern Scientific and LabLogic named European Distributor of the Year 2019 by Tracerco

15th January 2020

Southern Scientific and LabLogic named European Distributor of the Year 2019 by Tracerco. Click to read the full article. 

WATCH: Easy benchtop preclinical imaging

8th January 2020

MOLECUBES provide three individual PET, SPECT and CT preclinical imagers which offer cutting edge resolution and image quality. Watch the video and find out more. 

The identification of an explosive on-scene? Easy with the Griffin G510

7th January 2020

The FLIR Griffin G510 uses GC-MS technology to detect explosives at on-site forensic scenes. Click to read more.