How the Posijet® will increase PET-CT capability at Paul Strickland Scanner Center

4th April 2020

 A new Lemer Pax Posijet® automatic injector for the Paul Strickland Scanner Center

More patients will soon be able to have a PET-CT scan at Paul Strickland Scanner Center on any given day, thanks to a new medical device.

The center is getting its first Posijet®, a machine that can safely administer most PET-CT tracers and free up valuable radiographer time, later this year. This will make the center only the second facility in England to have such a device. Paul Strickland Scanner Center installed the UK’s first clinical PET scanner in 1997.

A major upgrade to PET-CT capability 

Vicki Major, Head of Research and Development for Paul Strickland Scanner Center, said: “The Posijet® forms part of a major upgrade to our PET-CT capability this year, which will allow for greater patient throughput.

“The Posijet® will also allow us to scan patients using less tracer, which might help mitigate against possible tracer supply difficulties. At the same time, it will reduce the radiation dose our radiographers receive, while freeing up their time so they can spend more time on patient care.”

“The Posijet® is a really cutting edge piece of equipment and we are very excited that it is coming to the center.”