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New -  Radhound X Kits

5th November 2013

Southern Scientific have produced a number of prefabricated radiation protection kits, for use by radiation workers. Each kit offers a considerable saving over buying the individual pieces of equipment. If none of the kits are right for you, then please get in contact with us and we can discuss your individual needs and come up with a suitable solution.

Stock Clearance Sale!

30th September 2013

In a bit of Spring cleaning, Southern Scientific have freed up some stock, which we are selling at great prices. Have a look at our special offers page to see what is available, and contact us at or on 01273 497600 for further information or to make an offer.

An AutoMess Scintomat for only £5,000

30th September 2013

nullNormally priced at around £12,000, the Scintomat is an X-ray and gamma radiation protection instrument with a highly sensitive scintillation detector, it is designed for measuring minimal dose rates over a wide energy range. Measurements which were previously possible only with great difficulty can now be achieved with ease. This item is not calibrated at present. For further information, please contact David Griffiths at or call +44 (0)1273 497600. 

A Raider for just £5,000

30th September 2013

nullPerfect for rapid identification and verification of radioactive materials, the Raider was originally priced at £20,000. It utilizes an innovative array of solid-state CZT detectors and He³ tubes to provide superior gamma and neutron sensitivities, resulting in a rapid identification and verification of radioactive materials. The instrument is small and light enough to be held and operated with one hand, and can be conveniently clipped to the user's belt using the holster provided. Four buttons, two on each side, are all that are required to access every feature of this instrument. It is both water and drop resistant, making it rugged and ideal for strenuous operating situations. The Raider uniquely meets or exceeds the performance requirements of ANSI N42-34 (RIID) and ANSI N42-48 (SPRD) standards. This item is not calibrated at present. For further information, please contact David Griffiths at or call +44 (0)1273 497600.

An IdentiFINDER with neutron detection for only £5,000

27th September 2013

nullThe world's leading spectrometer, dose rate meter and nuclide finder for portable radiation detection and identification applications, including neutron detection. Normally priced at around £20,000, this instrument allows you to locate a radioactive or nuclear source and identify the isotope(s), including neutron emitters, in an easy to use, four key system. The identiFINDER combines high sensitivity with a wide dose rate range, performing gamma spectrometry and nuclide identification. This item has been calibrated and optimized. For further information, please contact David Griffiths at or call +44 (0)1273 497600.

Edinburgh University installs a state-of-the-art Scintigraphy system

9th April 2013

Southern Scientific Limited is pleased to announce the installation of the MiE Equine Gantry System at the University of Edinburgh, Royal Dick Veterinary School.

Maximum protection from new personal radiation detector and alarm

11th March 2013

New from Southern Scientific is DoseRAE 2, a compact, direct-reading, electronic personal radiation detector with alarm that accurately accumulates real-time dose data that allows immediate reaction in case of radiation occurrences and thus can reduce radiation exposure.

Space technology breeds innovative NDI system

6th February 2013

New from Southern Scientific is the SXI™ from Nucsafe, a scatter X-ray imaging system for non-destructive test and inspection. The SXI™ products combine Nucsafe’s field-proven smart sensor technology and the highly innovative and patented ‘Radiography by Selective Detection’ backscatter techniques developed at the University of Florida for the space shuttle’s 2005 return to flight.

Whatever your discipline, there is a liquid scintillation counter in the 300 SL range to suit every need

24th January 2013

Working in life science research, radiochemistry or radiation protection? Then the standard model 300 SL is the perfect solution. Compact, lightweight and easily integrated into small laboratories this model offers optimum counting efficiency of samples without any external or internal standard source of radioactivity.