Webinar: Choosing a RID from FLIR Systems

9th April 2020

Free webinar on radionuclide identification device (RID) technology and features 

In the latest webinar from FLIR, learn more about what features to look for when choosing a radionuclide identification device (RID).

The webinar is led by Kevin Buxton, Director of Business Development and Steve Tymoszuk, Product Manager for FLIR Radiation Products.

In the webinar, topics include classes of detectors available, their sensitivity scale and neutron capabilities, and the important performance and usage factors for considering the next go-to RID in your toolkit.

Classes of detectors and technologies available

The classes of detectors include gas tube detectors, scintillation detectors, solid-state detectors and PMT (photomultiplier tubes) and SiPM (silicon photomultiplier) detectors, with the webinar hosts discussing the individual technologies, benefits and uses.

The webinar delves deeper into the detector materials, analyzing traditional materials, “new-century” materials and neutron sensitive materials before looking at the science behind detecting and identifying radiation.

A key takeaway from the webinar is that “one size does not fit all” when looking at the sensitivity of radionuclide identification devices.

The world’s most deployed RID from FLIR

The FLIR identiFINDER R425 radionuclide identification device is the latest release in the product line family and utilizes a SiPM detector, a more temperature stable and robust component than traditional PMTs; with the introduction of this enabling component, the R425 avoids the necessity for an internal calibration source to stabilise the measurements in fluctuating environmental conditions.

The innovative R425 offers long term stability and lower servicing and through-life costs compared to other available market options.

Learn more about the feature and benefits of the R425 in the webinar - sign up on FLIR’s website below.

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