H3D: The future of high-performance 3D CZT

2nd June 2020

Southern Scientific working with H3D, leaders in 3-D CZT technology

Southern Scientific is now representing H3D, a spinoff from Michigan University that specialises in 3-D CZT technology.

With 25 years of research and development on 3-D CZT spectrometers and imaging spectrometers, we are pleased to add CZT detectors to the Southern Scientific portfolio and look forward to working closely with H3D to support the UK market.

The future of gamma spectroscopy

Often considered the future of gamma spectroscopy, CZT detectors do not require any cooling system (unlike Ge detectors). Yet they offer a great energy resolution with H3D CZT detector reach currently < 1% energy resolution on Cs-137.

H3D product range and applications

The H3D product range includes:

  • H Series – Gamma-ray imaging spectrometers
  • P Series – Collimated gamma-ray spectrometers and imaging spectrometers
  • S Series – Gamma-ray spectrometers
  • A Series – RIIDs

The range is suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • NPPs decommissioning operations
  • Routine monitoring and maintenance in NPPs
  • CBRNE interdiction
  • Source and waste characterisation
  • Emergencies, incidents, and outages
  • First responders, military and defence
  • Environmental radiation measurements

High quality and ruggedized equipment

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the H3D team comprises of nuclear engineers with PhDs in CZT detector readout and radiation image formation alongside a production team of mechanical engineers providing high-quality and ruggedized equipment.