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How to revolutionise your equine practice

12th December 2019

Southern Scientific has installed a MiE Equine Scanner at Rainbow Equine which has revolutionised its bone scanning service. Click to watch the video.

The new radionuclide identification device from FLIR

4th December 2019

Locate and detect gamma and neutron radioactive sources with confidence with the new identiFINDER R425 radionuclide identification device (RID). Click here for more details. 

The NEW FLIR Fido X4 explosives trace detector

28th November 2019

The new Fido X4 is a premium handheld explosives trace detector (ETD) that delivers unmatched sensitivity for a broad range of explosives. Find out more.

C-Trak Gamma Probe System reviewed by Head of Nuclear Medicine at UHCW

13th November 2019

Nuclear medicine specialist Dr James Cullis, alongisde surgeons at the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire has chosen the C-Trak Galaxy Gamma Probe System for sentinel node biopsies. Click to find out why. 

Mirion Technologies acquires Capintec

30th October 2019

Mirion Technologies has acquired Capintec. Please click here to find out more. 

Bridge the gap between in-vivo imaging and histopathology

17th October 2019

The Emit Xerra cryo-fluorescence tomography imager supports almost any fluorophore with a wide selection of sample sizes. Click to find out more.

Southern Scientific appoints two new directors

4th October 2019

Two new directors have been appointed at Southern Scientific. To find out more click here.

Nowhere to hide with the Serstech 100 indicator Heroin ID kit

26th September 2019

Identify any solid or liquid chemical substance, including explosives, narcotics and hazardous chemicals with the Serstech 100 Indicator. Click here to read more. 

Monitor radon isotopes in water, on-scene with the new wave of AlphaGUARD

5th September 2019

Radon, Rn, is a radioactive, invisible noble gas. 222Rn, the most common isotope, accounts for 50% of all human exposure to natural radiation. The Bertin AlphaGUARD DF2000 is a portable radon monitor. Read more about how to measure Rn concentration using the AlphaGUARD.

Customize the Radhound radiation monitor with a wide range of probes

29th August 2019

The Radhound has the capability to adapt to niche situations with the array of probes available. The probes produce accurate and efficient measurements when used with the Radhound. Read more here.

Instant on-scene arson identification with the G510's GC-MS technology

21st August 2019

The FLIR Griffin G510 can be used to detect accelerants at arson crime scenes. It uses GC-MS to quickly identify the products used. Find out more here. 

Discover a depth of possibility with Ocean

12th August 2019

Ocean is RTI’s versatile software for X-ray Quality Assurance. By using Ocean you will speed up your total working process and minimize your time in the X-ray room.

Easy biothreat detection with the BioThreat Alert® Lateral Flow Assay (LFA) test strips

30th July 2019

With the discontinuation of the BBI Biothreat Detection IMASS™ Device, there is a need for alternative biothreat detection systems. Click here to find out about the perfect replacement.

Student wins award as he researches opportunities for our plastic scintillation tiles.

25th July 2019

Physics student, Diego Alonso Cimadom has had great success with work titled ‘Studies of neutron and gamma sensitivity in undoped and Gd-doped plastic scintillator’  after it won first place at a nuclear security detection workshop. Southern Scientific and the LabLogic group are proud to be partners with the University of Sheffield to be able to be a part of this exciting development. Well Done Diego!

Win a free pass for the UKIO 2020!

22nd July 2019

This is your chance to win a pass for next year's UKIO. Just complete a short survey for your chance to win. Click here to enter. 

Simple, fast, and accurate gamma counting with the CAPRAC

10th July 2019

Capintec's CAPRAC-t well counter offers unrivalled speed, accuracy, and ease of use, all from a brand you know and trust. Click to learn more

Don't stress about calibration for X-ray QA

3rd July 2019

Don't stress about calibration and warranty for your X-ray QA device, with the RTI Piranha. Click to find out more. 

CBNW magazine feature: Biodetection, the multiple approach

25th June 2019

Southern Scientific's Field Product Specialist, Rachel Wynn, has written a feature for CBNW magazine. Click to read the article.

How is Wilma contributing to the MetroDECOM II project with the National Physical Laboratory?

18th June 2019

Wilma, our on-line radiation monitoring system, is being used in a major nuclear waste project called MetroDECOM II. Click to find out how. 

Simple & cost-effective biological threat analysis with the BioThreat Alert

6th June 2019

The risk that biological threats pose to public safety is growing. It's evident that the ability to quickly and easily test suspect powders or surfaces for biological agents is a key requirement. Click to read the full article. 

A new joint venture chooses MiE equine scintigraphy system

29th May 2019

Curragh Equine Diagnostics, a new joint venture based in The Curragh, Co. Kildare, has chosen the MiE Equine Gamma Camera to offer cutting edge technology.

Don't compromise on image quality with MOLECUBES

9th May 2019

Read how the CUBES helped to characterise a rat model with extracranial manifestations of a brain seeking breast cancer cell line with PET-CT. 

A busy few months for Southern Scientific and MOLECUBES

11th April 2019

Southern Scientific and MOLECUBES enjoy two successful meetings. Click to find out more about the events.

Why you should upgrade your Capintec dose calibrator

20th March 2019

Do you still have an old Capintec? Upgrade yours now for increased visibility, infection control, and user-friendliness. Click to find out more. 

Langford Vets chooose state of the art MiE equine gamma camera

13th March 2019

Find out why Langford Vets is the latest in a line of veterinary clinics to choose the MiE Equine Scanner, click to read more.

Find out how you can achieve autonomous area monitoring

4th March 2019

The GammaTracer is an autonomous waterproof gamma dose rate probe ideal for both stationary and mobile use. Click to read more.

Dispose of radioactive waste correctly with a radiation portal monitor

28th February 2019

Ten years ago, Southern Scientific and Rapiscan Systems created a custom-made radiation portal monitor system for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. Click to find out more. 

How to "revolutionise" your equine veterinary practice

20th February 2019

See how the MiE Equine Scanner revolutionised Rainbow Equine Hospital's diagnostic capabilities. Click here to learn more

Two reasons why you should upgrade your gamma spectrometer

14th February 2019

Are you looking to upgrade your laboratory gamma spectrometer instruments, look to FLIR and Mirion Technologies for state-of-the-art replacements. Click here to read more. 

Prepare for a biological threat with FLIR's IBAC 2 biological threat monitor

23rd January 2019

With the recent events in Cologne, weaponised ricin and biological threats are now a real risk to the country's public safety and national infrastructure. Find out how the IBAC 2 can help prevent such an attack. 

Work in NDT? We have the personal dosimeter for you

23rd January 2019

Leading manufacturers Tracerco and Mirion Technologies supply a wide range of personal dosimeters for non-destructive testing and most industrial applications. Click to find out more.

Air sampling made easy with Hi-Q

17th January 2019

Lightweight, portable and hassle free: check out the Hi-Q Brushless Air Sampler. Click to read more.

Radiation portal monitors designed with you in mind

10th January 2019

We can create custom-made radiation portal monitor systems to your requirements. Click to read more.