How to revolutionise your equine practice

12th December 2019

How to revolutionise your equine practice with the MiE equine scanner

Rainbow Equine Hospital, the largest Equine Referral Hospital in the North East of England, has been at the forefront of equine medicine for over 30 years. Last year, Rainbow Equine revolutionised its patient service with the purchase of an MiE Equine Scanner which was installed by Southern Scientific.

Superior detail, resolution, and field of view

Jonathon Dixon, Veterinary Radiologist at Rainbow Equine, said: "We upgraded to the MiE system provided by Southern Scientific from an analog scintigraphy system. We wanted to upgrade to this system primarily because of the superior size of the field of view, which means you can acquire large areas of the horse at any one time.

The benefits of the system include the image detail and large resolution. The scanner allows the user to narrow in and focus precisely where areas of abnormal radiopharmaceutical uptake are located, before proceeding with further diagnostics and tests. It gives you the ability to know exactly where you need to be looking in the patient and exactly what the next steps should be.

Comprehensively review taken images

The scanner is really straightforward to use; the software is intuitive and the scanner is very easy to manipulate and position around the horse safely. Particularly, it’s nice to be able to review these images on the screen and do regions of interest, profiles, and compare limb to limb before sending images to a DICOM viewer for further analysis.

Live motion correction

It has motion correction built into the acquisition protocol, so you can see live on screen the effects of the pre-correction and the post-correction images. This means you can quickly determine if the horse has moved and to restart the image if needed. This saves your time as well as the time the horse is sedated for, and you can see before you get to the end of the acquisition that the image is going to be suitable.

Confidence when working with large animals

As the scanner comes in one solid unit, you can manoeuvre it around the horse when needed. It gives you that confidence working with large animals that the machine and the horse are going to be safe, whilst being an easy system easy for the staff to use.

We’ve had no issues since the installation; the equine scanner works without fault. Stuart and the team at Southern Scientific look after us and the scanner, making sure it’s running smoothly during service visits every 6 months. Overall, we’re really happy.”