Customize the Radhound radiation monitor with a wide range of probes

29th August 2019

The Radhound radiation monitor is a multi-purpose digital radiation survey meter with an array of probes available

The Radhound radiation monitor has a variety of probes available, making it suitable for all contamination and radiation detection purposes.

The Radhound probe range includes the following:

Dose Rate Probes (SS330, SS335, SS340)

  • Dose rate probes automatically measure dose rate in sieverts (Sv/hr)
  • The SS330, SS335, and SS340 are functionally identical probes but with different geometries

Scintillation Probes (SS404 AI & Be, SS500)

  • SS500 has a higher energy response for PET isotopes, for example, 18F and 68Ga
  • SS404 Be is similar to the SS404 AI but has a beryllium window for lower energy response

Alpha/Beta Contamination Probes (SS440 B, SS600, SS700)

  • Alpha/Beta probes have wide active areas and are therefore ideal for surface contamination

 Contamination Probes (SS300, SS315)

  • Monitors any form of radioactive contamination
  • Measures in counts per second (cps) and in kcps

All of these probes can tailor the Radhound and help it adapt to your detection requirements.