The new radionuclide identification device from FLIR

4th December 2019

The new FLIR R425 radionuclide identification device (RID)

Locate and detect gamma and neutron radioactive sources with confidence with the new identiFINDER R425 radionuclide identification device.

The R425 provides pinpoint accuracy and remains fully operational in extremely high gamma fields compared to other systems on the market.

With the identiFINDER's familiar user-interface and 3-button control, you can operate the R425 quickly, communicate results, and take command of any situation remotely.

The new identiFINDER R425 boasts multiple benefits over previous models:

  • Cubic detector design that increases performance in all directions
  • Internal battery lasting up to 12 hrs; additional power options include disposable or rechargeable batteries that are hot swappable and user-replaceable
  • Sourceless stabilisation