A new joint venture chooses MiE equine scintigraphy system

29th May 2019

Why Curragh Equine chose the MiE Equine Gamma Camera

Curragh Equine Diagnostics, a new joint venture between Sycamore Lodge and Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospitals, explain why they chose the MiE equine gamma camera when embarking on the joint venture to offer cutting edge diagnostics.

Tom Austin, Veterinary Surgeon at Anglesey Lodge, said:

“We decided to go for the MiE gantry system as it’s the best equine gamma camera on the market. The system has been excellent and we are particularly impressed with its reliability and the high-quality images.

The improved quality of the images acquired has meant that we can make both a more accurate and far quicker diagnosis which is a huge benefit to anyone in this field.

Everything has been good, particularly the installation and training delivered by the engineers – I would absolutely recommend Southern Scientific.”