Monitor radon isotopes in water, on-scene with the new wave of AlphaGUARD

5th September 2019

The AlphaGUARD DF2000 portable radon monitor offers high sensitivity, a long-term stable calibration and fast response to concentration gradients.

Radon, Rn, is a radioactive, invisible noble gas. 222Rn, the most common isotope, accounts for 50% of all human exposure to natural radiation. Radon can enter the body by the ingestion of radon-containing water, or inhaled. Once in the body, these harmful isotopes decay which can cause tissue damage and increase the chance of cancer.

It is imperative to use the AlphaGUARD DF2000 to monitor and measure the concentration of radon in the air and water and to take action to prevent these harmful health effects.

Featuring a wide measurement range of 2 to 2,000,000 Bq/m3, the AlphaGUARD DF2000 also has the ability to simultaneously measure and record:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Atmospheric pressure

Collect immediate measurements and perform continuous, long-term monitoring of radon in the water with the AlphaGUARD DF2000, Bertin REM1, and the REM2 modules. The REM1 module contains an embedded pump for water sampling, whilst the REM2 can be submerged into flowing water.

Use the AlphaGUARD DF2000 with Bertin’s AquaKIT to rapidly and effortlessly measure the concentration of radon in water on-scene. The AquaKIT has an operating measurement range of 5 to 20,000 Bq/L and a low statistical error of measurement.  By selecting ‘flow’ mode on the AlphaGUARD DF2000 you can quantify the radon concentration in the water sample. These AquaKIT samples can be analyzed in as little as 15 minutes.

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