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Ion chamber adaptor extends capability of Piranaha X-ray QA system

5th December 2012

Now available from Southern Scientific is an ion chamber adaptor for the Piranha range of X-ray quality assurance instruments from RTI. With the addition of the new chamber adapter, Piranha owners now have the choice to use ion chambers with their Piranha. This new feature is an optional accessory for Piranhas, and has been optimized for use with CT and Mammo applications, but can of course be used for other applications. The chamber adapter can be added to any Piranha with electrometer input and dose option.

New dual and triple head gamma cameras designed for cardiac studies

24th September 2012

Southern Scientific has introduced to the UK two new gamma cameras from Digirad that are designed specifically for nuclear cardiology SPECT applications and represent a major advance in this area of nuclear medicine.

New wipe test / well counter from Southern Scientific

13th July 2012

The Capintec CAPRAC-t from Southern Scientific is a wipe test/well counter that offers speed and accuracy and allows the user to define specific counting procedures and protocols with trigger levels for work, patient, unrestricted areas and sealed source leak tests. The unit also performs counting functions for wipe tests in as little as six seconds at activities down to 37Bq while low activities are measured with a drilled-well, high sensitivity NaI(TI) detector.

Hidex launches a super low level Scintillation Counter

29th February 2012

Environmental samples, biofuel verification, microdosing, these are just few of the application examples where extremely low activities need to be detected. The Hidex 300 SL Super Low Level version brings the compact design and ease of use of our Hidex 300 SL together with world class low level counting performance.

Time to get organized...take a step forward with Ocean Software

23rd February 2012

How are you working today? Maybe you are using a dedicated Excel® document containing all the calculations and setup for your Quality Assurance in which you just fill out the measured data? Or are you writing on a piece of paper and transfer the measured data to a report in your office later on? Perhaps you are using the oRTIgo database with its tree structure to have an overview of all measurements?

New year, new premises

7th February 2012

Southern Scientific recently moved from our Lancing offices, where we had been based since 1997, to a new factory and office complex in Henfield, West Sussex.