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Monitoring the biodistribution of radiopharmaceuticals and gelofucine using MOLECUBES’ SPECT imager

8th April 2024

The γ-CUBE has been used in a cancer research study to visualise and quantify enhanced tumour targeting for theranostic applications

Evaluating Cu-64 uptake in cells and tumours for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy using the Hidex AMG

18th March 2024

The automatic gamma counter has been used to evaluate the effectiveness of Cu-64 for theranostics in a study at the French public research institute INSERM

Quality Assurance in mammography with Diagnomatic’s dedicated phantoms

13th March 2024

The ACR accredited phantoms have been designed to meet identified imaging requirements for micro-calcifications, fibrous structures in ducts, and tumour-like masses

Comparison of high sensitivity bioluminescent imaging systems for ultra-weak signal applications

5th March 2024

Spectral Instruments Imaging’s Ami HTX has been used by the University of Iowa to observe and quantify weak bioluminescent signals

Measuring environmental tritium with the Hidex ULLA

19th February 2024

The André E. Lalonde AMS Laboratory in Canada is the first site in North America to be using the new ultra-low level counter, superseding the QUANTULUS

Detecting biological threats in under 30 seconds with Tetracore’s BioThreat Alert Reader VII

15th February 2024

Fast and light, the handheld instrument provides a quick screening solution ideal for both lab and field work

Southern Scientific announces partnership with BriTec

12th February 2024

We are excited to announce that we are working in partnership to provide shielded solutions for radiation protection in radiopharmacies and nuclear medicine departments.

VIDEO: Reducing resurgeries and salvage radiotherapies in surgical oncology using the AURA 10

31st January 2024

The PET-CT specimen imager by XEOS is being successfully used at Ghent University Hospital in breast conserving surgery

VIDEO: The world’s only waterproof radiation imager

24th January 2024

In their latest video, H3D demonstrate the capabilities of the H Series during and after total water immersion

Quantifying radiolabelled CECs using Hidex instruments

22nd January 2024

The University of Surrey has been researching the fate of contaminants of emerging concerns to understand the effects of nanoplastics in the environment

Studying the biodistribution of Eph receptors for cancer diagnosis with MOLECUBES

16th January 2024

Kyoto Pharmaceutical University has been using the benchtop preclinical imagers to image a new SPECT radiotracer

Introducing the next generation of 1064 nm Raman analyzers

9th January 2024

Rigaku have launched a new series of handheld spectrometers for chemical detection and identification