How to avoid repeat procedures and produce accurate CT images

20th May 2024

Diagnomatic’s CT phantoms provide accurate, reproducible measurements for a range of QA tests

Generating the necessary resolution to properly image organs, tissues, and skeletons is key to good CT scanning. Regular QA measurements using appropriate phantoms give radiologists confidence in their CT images, allowing them to accurately diagnose patients. Routine quality assurance with Diagnomatic’s CT phantoms can extend the lifespan of CT machines by avoiding repeat procedures and planning for predictive maintenance.

Acceptance and constancy tests

The Pro-CT MK II is designed for CT acceptance and constancy tests to standards as defined by IEC 61223-3-5 and AAPM guidelines. It allows staff to check if the scanner operates within acceptable tolerances to produce accurate diagnostic images and to identify deviations. Composed of several test modules encased in a single container, it has ones for low contrast, sensitometry, geometry and more.

CT dose index measurements

The Pro-CT Dose phantom set is a series of homogenous cylinders for CTDI measurements which replicate paediatric and adult heads and bodies. When performing dose profile measurements, it allows staff to assess the maximum, minimum, and middle value of the nominal tomographic section thickness. This allows radiologists to adjust their CT machine’s imaging parameters to ensure an acceptable balance between image quality, which is critical for accurate diagnoses, and radiation dose, which must be acceptable for the patient. 

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