Hands-free, voice-activated contamination monitoring

3rd July 2024

At a glance

>  In our latest video, Product Specialist Luke Brammer demonstrates the Handhound hand contamination monitor for Nuclear Medicine and PET departments.

>  Its collimated detector can measure low-to-medium energy gamma emitters or higher energy radioisotopes using an alternative detector.

>  It provides healthcare staff who are categorised as classified workers with a full audit trail to comply with IRR17 and HSE regulations.

Protecting classified workers

Southern Scientific’s Handhound helps keep controlled areas such as Nuclear Medicine and PET departments compliant with IRR17 and HSE regulations. It provides healthcare staff who are designated as classified workers (i.e. those receiving a dose above 6 mSv per year) with a full audit trail and recorded data that can be exported to Excel, helping to prevent such individuals from exceeding their annual dose limit and adjusting their duties to limit exposure where possible.

The Handhound has an internal detector to measure low-to-medium energy gamma emitters such as 99mTc and other commonly used medical radioisotopes. For PET applications, an alternative detector can be installed for the detection of higher energy radioisotopes such as 18F. Around the detector is an additional 13 mm of lead collimation to improve directionality and decrease background radiation, allowing contamination in high background areas to be identified. An adjustable rolling background count is always displayed to ensure measurements taken are reflective of true contamination events.

Promotes regular and continuous radiation monitoring

A stainless-steel housing for quick and easy sanitation and voice-activation for hands-free operation further reduces the spread of contamination. The Handhound uses the latest voice-recognition software to distinguish between users and filters out background noise in busy environments.

Besides promoting regular and continuous monitoring, the Handhound is more compact and cost-effective than traditional hand and foot monitors. It can be wall-mounted for quick and simple operation and allows you to identify any contamination while minimizing interference with departmental workflow.

Find out more

You can learn more about the Handhound by watching our latest video or by clicking the button below to speak to a product specialist directly.