Safeguarding scrap metal sites against radioactive sources

16th April 2024

Rapiscan’s Guardian modular series of radiation portal monitors can be fitted with a range of gamma and neutron detectors

The prevalence of radioactive sources in many sectors from healthcare and research to agriculture and manufacturing presents a challenge to scrap metal sites. If a source, which can have high activity and long half-lives, is lost by accident or negligence, the risk of radiation exposure becomes a serious health concern for both workers and the wider public.

In the UK, around 10 orphan sources are found per scrap metal site each year and their disposal is both expensive and disruptive to operations, which can be interrupted, if not suspended entirely. Radioactive sources can come from a variety of places including decommissioned medical equipment, scientific instruments, and calibration devices in which sources such as 60Co, 238Pu, and 137Cs are commonly used.

A configurable, scalable solution for preventing contamination

Rapiscan’s Guardian monitoring systems are a modular series of drive-through portals that can screen vehicles and people at entrances and exits. Using Radiation Sensor Panels (RSP), the Guardian series can be configured and scaled to safeguard sites of different layouts and sizes. Each RSP can be fitted with a range of neutron detectors or gamma detectors, depending on site requirements.

The Guardian’s software remotely controls the RSPs and supporting hardware from any location with no manual control needed to operate the portal system itself. Detection notifications can be sent directly to any smart device for immediate action. The modular designs of the RSPs are compact, allowing existing sites to be retrospectively fitted. Highly sensitive and accurate, they are ruggedised for outdoor operation and can function in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C.

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