Quality Assurance in mammography with Diagnomatic’s dedicated phantoms

13th March 2024

The ACR accredited phantoms have been designed to meet identified imaging requirements for micro-calcifications, fibrous structures in ducts, and tumour-like masses

Quality assurance measurements in mammography are critical to the safety of staff and patients. X-ray machines must be able to generate the necessary imaging resolution to successfully assess patients to avoid repeat procedures and keep radiation exposure as low as reasonably possible.

As Diagnomatic’s UK distributor, Southern Scientific has American College of Radiology (ACR) accreditation, along with Diagnomatic itself. Choosing an ACR accredited company means that you are choosing the best possible standard. For mammography, it assures the highest level of image quality and safety knowing the product meets strict requirements for QA, and as a European manufacturer, Diagnomatic has short lead times.

Pro-MAM ACR Full Field Phantom

Designed to test the performance of a digital mammographic system by evaluating the X-ray machine’s ability to image small structures similar to those found clinically such as micro-calcifications, fibrous structures in ducts, and tumour-like masses.

Pro-MAM Gold (Mk II)

Used to determine if mammographic images indicate objects with very low contrasts and very small diameters, allowing users to find out the optimum exposure technique or to compare image quality at various object thicknesses by varying the PMMA thickness.

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