Introducing the next generation of 1064 nm Raman analyzers

9th January 2024

The new Max-ID supersedes the original ResQ CQL, building upon the previous model's capabilities.

Rigaku have launched a new series of handheld spectrometers for chemical detection and identification

Having brought the 1064 nm handheld Raman spectrometer to market, the ResQ CQL, Rigaku has now expanded on the instrument’s original capabilities with the introduction of three new analyzers. Each new instrument has a specific capability, dependent upon the context in which chemical threats are being searched for and share the same user interface introduced in the original CQL with simplified options and high-contrast fonts and colors for use in all lighting conditions.

From left to right: Max-ID, Narc-ID, and Gen-ID.

Max-ID for situational chemical analysis

Superseding the original ResQ CQL, the Max-ID is a robust field instrument for chemical threat analysis without fluorescence interference. It can identify over 13,000 different substances across a range of categories including drugs, explosives, industrial chemicals, and chemical warfare agents (CWA).

Narc-ID for presumptive identification of drugs

The CQL Narc-ID provides presumptive identification of drugs, precursors, and cutting agents, even in trace amounts. It is ideal for field work during preliminary site investigations by police forces, as well as suitable for customs, prisons, and forensics labs. Its in-built library has an extensive list of substances with access to the most recently identified cathinones, cannabinoids, fentanyls, opioids, tryptamines, amphetamines, nitazenes, and more.

Gen-ID for targeted general chemical threats

The CQL Gen-ID provides cost-effective analytical chemical identification of common substances typically associated with smuggling and trafficking, such as drugs and precursors, as well as explosives, industrial agents, and household chemicals. It shares the same robust casing as the other models, making it ideal for field work.

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