Evaluating Cu-64 uptake in cells and tumours for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy using the Hidex AMG

18th March 2024

The automatic gamma counter has been used to evaluate the effectiveness of 64Cu for theranostics in a study at the French public research institute INSERM

The emergence of theranostics offers a dual solution for both diagnosis and therapy using a specific radiopharmaceutical or pair of closely related radiopharmaceuticals, commonly known as a "theranostic pair". Ideally, these pairs have chemically identical structures labelled with either diagnostic or therapeutic radionuclides. Some radionuclides, such as 177Lu and 64Cu, exhibit unique characteristics that make them ideal candidates for theranostic applications.

The Hidex AMG automatic gamma counter has been used in a study by Metivier et al. at INSERM in Nantes to evaluate the 64Cu uptake by cells and tumors for both vizualisation and Targeted Radionuclide Therapy (TRT). INSERM is a research institute under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Research dedicated to medical research and human health.

The study required precise measurements of radioactivity, which the AMG achieved having been designed specifically to increase existing throughput in research facilities while still delivering high efficiencies. The counter not only facilitated the calculation of radioactivity in cells and supernatant but also played a crucial role in recording ex vivo biodistributions.

High-resolution PET imaging with low activity

The distinctive decay properties of 64Cu make it an almost perfect example of a theranostic radionuclide. The emission of low-energy positrons allows for high-resolution PET imaging with low activity, while the release of β-particles and Auger electrons enables therapeutic effects through dose adaptation.

Metivier et al. studied the theranostic approach using a 64Cu-radiolabelled antibody in a mouse model of multiple myeloma. Dosimetric estimations based on ex vivo biodistribution data demonstrated acceptable doses to healthy organs and tissues, coupled with an encouraging tumour absorbed dose for TRT applications. Notably, therapeutic efficacy was observed with two doses of 35 MBq 64Cu administered at a two-week interval, resulting in delayed tumour growth and increased survival without major or irreversible toxicity.

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