Security, CBRNe & Defence

CBRNe products and applications

Southern Scientific supply personal, handheld, portable, mobile and fixed detection, identification and monitoring solutions for CBRNe applications. This also includes threats and hazardous material solutions.


The G510 GC/MS chemical identifier boasts excellent lab grade detection capability with portable in-field operation, alongside allowing sampling of all phases of matter.

Southern Scientific supply the Agentase C1 and C2 chemical agent detection (CAD) kits, advanced disclosure sprays for chemical warfare agents that are lightweight and can rapidly detect class-specific agent contamination.

Narcotics & Explosives

The FLIR Fido X2 and Fido X3 explosive trace detectors (ETDs) are ultra-light, portable and feature FLIR TrueTrace™ detection technology to identify military, commercial, homemade, and liquid explosive threats.