Second Sight MS is the only standoff gas cloud detector for real time surveillance and with source localisation.

The Second Sight MS is a passive, long range chemical and toxic gas clouds detector that is ideally suited to military and civil security operations due to its compact, lightweight and modular design. It has been designed for early warning and real time visualisation of suspicious gas clouds. With its infrared sensor, it shows as an overlay localisation of dangerous gases such as toxic industrial gases or chemical warfare agents (nerve gases or vesicants). Second Sight can identify the family of the gas and measure its pathlength concentration.

With the gas X unique feature, it also detects even gas that are not in the database, ideal when gases are impure, mixed or unknown. With a night and day infrared imaging capability and the largest Field of View (FOV) of any stand-off detector on the market, this tried and tested system is a clear favorite with military, law enforcement and emergency responders around the world.

  • Large Field of View for a wide area of surveillance.
  • Live detection for rapid action.
  • Detection even is the gas is not listed into the system database.
  • Easy to operate solution.

Wide field of view :

  • Early warning by real-time detection of the chemical gas cloud.
  • The widest monitored field of view to enable source localisation and cloud movement.

High detection capabilities :

  • Identification of CWA and TIC in the database.
  • Detection of unknown, impure or mixed gas with gas X feature.
  • Source point and contamination area indicated.
  • Alarm video available for replay and rapid sharing.

Easy deployment :

  • Light and Nomad for punctual surveillance.
  • 24/7 critical infrastructure.
  • Custom mounting for CBRN reconnaissance vehicle.

Each gas has its own absorption spectrum and presents typical absorption peaks in infra-red bands II (3 to 5 µm MWIR) and bands III (8 to 14 µm LWIR). Second Sight operates in band III, in order to use the particular peaks to enables the identification of a vast majority of gas.The Second Sight measurement principle uses the scene background as an infra-red source, and image processing algorithms to highlight the presence of a gas cloud in line of sight.

In case of alarm, the presence of gas cloud is displayed as an overlay on the infrared image. The identification and estimated path length concentration are given in top left corner and the gas is underlined in red in the gas list.

The latest version of Second Sight is becoming a universal gas detector with its new detection algorithm Gas X, an unknown gas detection capability that enables the detection of any gas cloud modifying the infrared signature in band III of the observed scene, even if the gas is not listed into the system’s database.

Technology :  Infrared spectral imaging

Catalogue number : 003075-003

Detection range and Field of View :

  • Detection up to 1000m with 60×48° FOV
  • Detection up to 2000m with 30×24° FOV
  • Detection up to 5000m with 12×9° FOV

Detected gas :

  • Gas X: Detect all gas cloud that absorb in band III infrared.
  • Most CWA and TIC.

Time to alarm : in approx. 10 seconds

Scan mode vertical angle : 180° x 15° in less than 3 minutes

Dimensions and Weight :

  • Head camera: 35 x 19 x 24 cm 5.2 kg
  • Processing unit: 26 x 19 x 15 cm 5 kg

Temperature :

  • – 20°C to 45°C (operation)
  • – 20°C to 70°C (storage)

Ruggedised : Mil Std 810-G

Ingress protection : IP65


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