The MUVE B330 is a Continuous Biological Detector and Collector purpose-designed for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to provide realtime continuous monitoring of biological threats while on the move. The B330 leverages the legacy design and performance of the IBAC product line in a SWaP-optimized configuration.

The SkyRanger ® R70 and R80 SkyRaider ™ serves as the platforms for the initial deployment of the MUVE B330 payload. The payload is designed to be intuitive, easy to use, and require minimal maintenance. Sensor display is provided via the Mission Control Station (MCS) piloting interface.

Alarming conditions and collector status will be displayed to the Pilot to not only alert them to a threat, but also provide positive confirmation that a sample is being collected.

The MUVE B330 provides next level protection to combat forces by identifying biological threats remotely and down range.

MUVE™ B330 continuous biological detector key features

  • Assess the scene from a safe distance when dangerous conditions exist or are anticipated.
  • Significantly reduce time to action and rapidly deploy within minutes.
  • Gather a comprehensive overview of an active scene utilizing visuals and B330 indications.


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