Chemical identification with the FLIR Griffin G510e's GC-MS technology

The FLIR Griffin™ G510e GC/MS is a versatile, person-portable chemical identifier. It complements presumptive techniques used during emergency operations, by enabling responders to analyze all phases of matter (liquid, solid, vapor) and by performing rapid field-confirmation of chemical hazards.

The integrated heated sample probe enables hot zone operators to identify vapor-phase chemical threats within seconds when operated in Survey Mode. The G510e focuses specifically on environmental applications that require better separation and sensitivity to lighter volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). The G510e uses a specialised column and pre-concentrator combination to meet this demand.

The 9" on-board touchscreen delivers automated user controls and can be operated while wearing full personal protective equipment downrange.

It is built with an IP65-rated enclosure for harsh environments and supports passive defence, interdiction, elimination, and consequence management operations. Long-lasting, on-board batteries ensure environmental operation is supported from beginning to end.

Confidently identify unknowns and take action with guided controls and simple threat alarms

  • Over 60 VOCs in the Target Library along with the full NIST and SWGDRUG chemical library for field identification and analysis of unknown materials and mixtures.
  • Simple on-board touchscreen with automated user controls and Method Selector tool.
  • Visual and audible alarm confirmation with limited data interpretation.
  • On-board WiFi and GPS.

Versatile in-field sampling options for vapor, liquid, and solid samples

  • Vapor sampling probe with rapid-response survey mode.
  • Integrated split/splitless liquid injector accepts direct injection of organic liquids.
  • Optimized Column and Pre-concentrator for VOCs.
  • Links with SPME and headspace sample collection tools.
  • High-fidelity, low thermal mass (LTM) GC column for unsurpassed resolution in challenging environments.

Completely self-contained and operation-ready from the field to the lab

  • IP65-rated, dust-tight and spray-resistant.
  • Built-in active pumping system eliminates need for an external service module.
  • Integrated carrier gas, batteries, and training reference videos.
  • Simple field maintenance activities for increased uptime.
  • Extensive training, service, and support options available.
  • Optional vehicle mount kit for variety of on-the-go operations.

G510 GC-MS specifications:

Technology Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 13.25 x 13.25 x 15.75 in (33.7 x 33.7 x 40 cm) - includes batteries, carrier gas, and vacuum system
Weight 36 lbs (16.3 kg) - includes batteries, carrier gas, and vacuum system
Operating Temp/Humidity  32 to 104 °F (0 to 40 °C); <95% relative humidity
Storage Temp  -13 to 131 °F (-25 to 55 °C)
Decontamination  Sealed for Survey Mode operation in hot-zone; IP65-rated enclosure is dust-tight and spray-resistant
Power Supply 100-240V 50-60Hz (220 W max); 19V (DC); 2 x #2590 @15V Li Ion batteries (1 included)
Battery Life 4 hrs in Survey Mode, 2 hrs in Confirmation Mode; hot swappable 
Start Up Time 15 minutes to full operation from cold 
Calibrant Onboard FC-43 (Perfluorotributylamine)
Carrier Gas On-board helium; external helium connector, automatic switching (Hydrogen capable)


9” Multitouch Color Display (1280x720 WVGA;1300 nits brightness)


Audible and Visual (Touchscreen and Handheld Probe)


2 x USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11n, Ethernet via USB, integrated GPS

Data Storage

Internal 256GB SSD

Sample Phase

Solid, liquid, and vapor

Sample Introduction

Heated Sample Probe (included standard):
– Vapor survey mode via Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry (MIMS) Inlet.
– Vapor confirmation via Internal Dual-Bed Pre-concentrator.

Split/splitless injector (included standard) accepts:
– Direct liquid sampling (organic solution) via syringe.
– Liquid extraction via SPME fibre or PSI-Probe w/ Gerstel Twister™*
– Headspace Sampler

*Optional accessories.


Detects and identifies CWAs, TlCs, environmental pollutants,
and other chemicals.

Standard Reference Database

NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library, SWGDRUG Mass Spectral Library, and GriffinLib Mass Spectral Library included.

Sampling & Analysis

Full identification in 4-15 minutes for most chemicals; iden­tification within seconds (near real-time) when operating in Survey Mode

Mass Analyzer Type

Linear quadrupole mass filter

Mass Range / Resolution

15-515 m/z; 0.7 amu @ FWHM

Ionization Type / Source

Electron Impact Ionization; non-radioactive ionization source


Electron Multiplier

Vacuum System

Self-contained miniature turbomolecular & diaphragm pumps

Detection Limit

PPM (parts per million) – PPT (parts per trillion)

LTM-GC Column

DB-624 (20 m x 0.18 mm x 0.25 µm); others available.

Temperature Range

Programmable 40 to 260°C; ramping of 100°C/min


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