Person-Portable GC-MS Chemical Identifier

The Griffin™ G510x Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) is a versatile, person-portable chemical identifier specifically optimized for the detection of Narcotics and Explosives. Get confirmatory identification of major and minor chemical constituents in street drugs in under 5 minutes. It provides near real time confirmation of presumptive techniques used during emergency missions (FTIR, Raman, and HPMS).

The integrated sample injection port allows for environmental, forensic, and hazardous material sampling via the included Sample Prep Kit. The 9” on-board touchscreen displays guided user prompts and can be operated while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Long-lasting, on-board batteries ensure every mission is supported from beginning to end.

Mass spec performance redefined

GC separation with MS is the gold standard for forensic substance identification. Confidently identifying unknowns and take action with guided prompts and simple threat alarms.

Identifies trace amounts and complex mixtures

Versatile in-field sampling options for liquid, solid, and vapor SPME samples. High fidelity identification of compounds due to separation of the complex mixtures.

Confident narcotics identification in the field

Completely self-contained and mission-ready from the field to the lab. Optional vehicle mount kit for shock and vibration protection.


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