Chemical identification with the FLIR Griffin G510's GC-MS technology

The Griffin G510 is a next-generation chemical detector and identifier for military, civil, forensic, and environmental responders.

A versatile, dependable, and person-portable GC-MS, the Griffin G510 can aid first responders with decision making, by allowing quick identification of unknown chemical threats, including solids, liquids and vapors. On-scene confirmation gives responders the actionable intelligence needed for timely law enforcement and remediation, as well as ensuring the safety of the public.

The Griffin G510 is completely self-contained in a 16 kg box, including the vacuum system, carrier gas and batteries, and is IP-65 rated, meaning it is dust-tight and spray-resistant. Its 9-inch touchscreen can be operated whilst wearing full PPE and displays a simple user interface.

G510 GC-MS key features include:

  • Completely self-contained, including vacuum system, batteries, and carrier gas – no service module needed.
  • Accepts all phases of matter (liquid, solid, vapor).
  • Uses a standard split/splitless liquid sample injector, just like a benchtop GC/MS
  • Standard vapor sampling probe with rapid-response survey mode
  • Analyzes unknowns via a lab-standard linear quadruple mass analyzer.
  • Quickly confirms chemical identity using the industry standard NIST library.
  • Large, 9” touchscreen can be operated in the Hot Zone while wearing full PPE.
  • Decon-ready with IP65-rated enclosure that is dust-tight, spray-resistant.

G510 GC-MS applications include:

  • Drug analysis, including fentanyl and its derivatives
  • Fire forensics investigation – detection and identification of accelerants
  • Explosives detection and identification, including vapors
  • Hazardous material detection and identification, including toxic industrial chemicals (TICs)
  • Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) detection and identification

G510 GC-MS specifications:

Technology Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 13.25 x 13.25 x 15.75 in (33.7 x 33.7 x 40 cm) - includes batteries, carrier gas, and vacuum system
Weight 36 lbs (16.3 kg) - includes batteries, carrier gas, and vacuum system
Operating Temp/Humidity  32 to 104 °F (0 to 40 °C); <95% relative humidity
Storage Temp  -13 to 131 °F (-25 to 55 °C)
Decontamination  Sealed for Survey Mode operation in hot-zone; IP65-rated enclosure is dust-tight and spray-resistant
Power Supply 100-240V 50-60Hz (220 W max); 19V (DC); 2 x #2590 @15V Li Ion batteries (1 included)
Battery Life 4 hrs in Survey Mode, 2 hrs in Confirmation Mode; hot swappable 
Start Up Time 15 minutes to full operation from cold 
Calibrant Onboard FC-43 (Perfluorotributylamine)
Carrier Gas On-board helium; external helium connector, automatic switching (Hydrogen capable)


9” Multitouch Color Display (1280x720 WVGA;1300 nits brightness)


Audible and Visual (Touchscreen and Handheld Probe)


2 x USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11n, Ethernet via USB, integrated GPS

Data Storage

Internal 256GB SSD

Sample Phase

Solid, liquid, and vapor

Standard Reference Database

NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library

Sampling & Analysis

Full identification in 4-15 minutes for most chemicals; iden­tification within seconds (near real-time) when operating in Survey Mode

Mass Analyzer Type

Linear quadrupole mass filter

Mass Range / Resolution

15-515 m/z; 0.7 amu @ FWHM

Ionization Type / Source

Electron Impact Ionization; non-radioactive ionization source


Electron Multiplier

Vacuum System

Self-contained miniature turbomolecular & diaphragm pumps

Detection Limit

PPM (parts per million) – PPT (parts per trillion)

G510 GC-MS accessories

New for 2021, FLIR has launched a range of accessories and consumables for the G510 GC-MS series in a new brochure including:

Vehicle Mount Kit

The new vehicle mount kit allows the use of the device even during the most extreme and rough vehicle missions. It protects the device and allows its use during mounted operations. Installation can be easily done for military and civilian vehicles. It is available in two variants

  • The Standard Vehicle Mount Kit is a rigid base version for on-road vehicles.
  • The Ruggedized Vehicle Mount Kit is a rugged version with wire-rope isolators for rough and off-road vehicle use

Sample Preparation Kit

The new sample preparation kit has been specifically designed to simplify the sampling process on the spot, and with no requirement of any additional knowledge. It is a new and flexible sampling option, providing lab-quality chemical identification in a simple to use package.


For applications that require traditional syringe injections, the autosampler accessory can provide automation and precision to the liquid analysis process. It drastically improves and simplifies the work efficiency as well as the reliability of the GC analysis, making it an essential tool for deployable laboratories or other situations with heavy sample loads.

  • Rapid sample processing
  • Upto 120 sample vials


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