MX908 News

Area monitoring for Chemical Warfare and Pharmaceutical-Based Agents

31st July 2023

The Beacon expands the MX908’s existing capabilities to provide real-time identification of chemical threats

Identifying new explosive and drug targets at trace level with MX908

21st March 2023

The spectrometer’s latest software update allows it to detect Mercury Fulminate and emerging synthetic compounds. Find out more here

Identifying nitazenes with the MX908 high-pressure mass spectrometer

25th April 2022

New software updates expand the MX908's capabilities, allowing it to identify new classes of illicit drugs and more. Click here to find out how

Webinar: Novel Applications of Trace Detection in EOD

15th July 2021

Join 908 Devices in a webinar about explosive ordinance disposal and more, click to register. 

White paper: Aerosol Hazard Management 101 with MX908 Aero

10th June 2021

Click to read the new white paper from 908 Devices: Aerosol Hazard Management 101. 

New Aerosol Module for Handheld MX908

19th May 2021

Detect and identify toxic aerosols and vapor threats with the Aero, click to find out more. 

Raman, HP-MS and GC-MS: Supporting law enforcement with drug interdiction detection

25th March 2021

It's imperative to equip law enforcement with suitable identification devices, click to read our overview of solutions. 

908 Devices Webinar: Novichoks in the News

17th February 2021

In the webinar, 908 will explore the history of how Novichok chemical warfare agents were developed, sign up now. 

The MX908 – a trace detector for all types of chemical threat

20th August 2020

The MX908 is an all-round trace chemical threat detector, click to read the latest on trace detection tech. 

908 Devices Webinar: Trace Detection for Narcotics Enforcement

9th July 2020

Join for an in-depth discussion of trace detection for narcotics enforcement, sign up here. 

Webinar broadcast: MX908 Handheld Mass Spec

11th June 2020

Did you miss the MX908 Handheld Mass Spec Webinar? Catch up here.

The NEW MX908 Handheld Chemical Detector and Identifier from 908 Devices

27th May 2020

Southern Scientific is pleased to be working with 908 Devices, click to read more.