Identifying new explosive and drug targets at trace level with MX908

21st March 2023

The spectrometer’s latest software update allows it to detect Mercury Fulminate and emerging synthetic compounds

The MX908 is a high-pressure mass spectrometer that can identify chemical compounds through interferents and cutting agents, including drugs, chemical warfare agents, industrial chemicals, explosives, and pesticides. Portable and able to analyze all phases of matter – vapor, solid, and liquid – in less than 60 seconds, the MX908 is an important instrument for first responders and armed forces.

The MX908’s new software makes it the only field device that can identify the highly-sensitive explosive compound Mercury Fulminate at trace levels. The following targets have also been added to its Drug Hunter Mode:

  • 5F-MDMB-PICA synthetic cannabinoid, which is now the third most prevalent synthetic cannabinoid according to the US DEA National Forensics Laboratory System (NFLIS).
  • Parafluorofentanyl fentanyl analog, which was first reported in 2020 and has seen a 400% rise in overdose deaths according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
  • N,N-DiMethylPentylone synthetic cathinone, which first appeared in 2021.

MX908 Remote app for Android and iOS

Supplementing the latest software release is the MX908 Remote app, which allows users to connect their MX908 directly to their mobile device via Bluetooth. Analyzed results can be quickly exported for fast decision-making in the field, as well as allowing users to access in-app training videos and reference documents. MX908 Remote is supported on both Android and iOS.

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