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Improved raman spectroscopy with Rigaku CQL’s 2.0 software update

15th August 2022

The new release improves user experience to facilitate quicker response times when identifying chemical substances. Learn about the new updates here

Controlling the 68Ge/68Ga elution rate in preparation for the use of 68Ga in PET/CT

9th August 2022

The Hidex AMG allows radionuclide purity of Gallium-68 from generators to be determined before injection using dedicated software. Learn more here

Protecting frontline soldiers against gamma and neutron radiation

25th July 2022

Southern Scientific is supplying the Ministry of Defence with dosimeters and dosimeter readers in partnership with Mirion Technologies

Intraoral and CBCT X-ray QA with RTI

19th July 2022

Learn how the Cobia Dental and Piranha Dental QA meters deliver fast and accurate X-ray calibrations

Recording radiation exposure dose limits as stated by IRR17

14th June 2022

If you are likely to receive a radiation dose above 6mSv per year, you are a classified worker. Learn how to identify and assess radiation risks here

NEW Video: Triple to Double Coincidence Ratio explained

7th June 2022

In our latest video, we explain what TDCR is, and how it improves the counting efficiencies of LSCs without the need for an internal radiation source

Rapid radioisotope identification with FLIR’s identiFINDER® R-Series

11th May 2022

The identiFINDER® R-Series are easy-to-use handheld devices that quickly detect, locate, and identify radiation sources

Bertin Instruments develop an ERMS for the French Navy

4th May 2022

Find out how the ERMS measures radioactivity, gamma radiation, and alpha/beta activities across multiple sites

PIXY: the anthropomorphic training phantom

28th April 2022

The PIXY is an anatomical and radiological phantom that is a repeatable, convenient substitution for patients. Learn more here

Identifying nitazenes with the MX908 high-pressure mass spectrometer

25th April 2022

New software updates expand the MX908's capabilities, allowing it to identify new classes of illicit drugs and more. Click here to find out how

After many successful years, Bartec leaves the LabLogic Group to join Mediso

13th April 2022

Southern Scientific will now be the UK distributor for Hoy Scandinavian, Lemer Pax, and more

Hidex 600 SLe: the latest generation of liquid scintillation counters

29th March 2022

Hidex are excited to release the improved 600 SLe liquid scintillation counter with several improved key features

Hologic Affirm® can ONLY be calibrated by RTI’s Black Piranha

24th March 2022

The only X-ray QA meter used by Hologic mammography engineers for accurate kV data. Find out more

BNC 500 series of digital pulse/delay generators

22nd March 2022

Berkeley Nucleonics’ 500 series of delay generators deliver industry-leading precision. Click to find out more

Sign up for MOLECUBES SPECT/CT webinar

16th March 2022

Sign up for MOLECUBES SPECT/CT webinar on the versatile use of SPECT/CT in the development of theranostics tracers for different disease models by Alexandru Florea, PhD, MD - RWTH Aachen.

Removing radionuclide contamination in Nuclear Medicine

10th March 2022

Bind-It™ decontamination fluid at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

On-Line Radioactivity-in-Water Monitoring System

23rd February 2022

The Wilma Tritium in Air Monitoring System utilizes the configurable Wilma fluid handling and LSC detector to automate the operation of a tritium bubbler...

C-Trak Apollo gamma probe at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals

16th February 2022

Miss Clare Rogers, Clinical Lead at Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has been using the C-Trak Apollo..

Decommissioning nuclear power plants with H3D

9th February 2022

The H-series are industrial imaging spectrometers used for identifying, quantifying and localising gamma sources

Safety in the workplace with the Tracerco PED-Blue Dosimeter

26th January 2022

The PED-Blue is specifically designed for users who are unfamiliar or inexperienced in the detection and measurement of radiation.