Protecting frontline soldiers against gamma and neutron radiation

25th July 2022

Southern Scientific is supplying the Ministry of Defence with dosimeters and dosimeter readers in partnership with Mirion Technologies

Southern Scientific has been awarded a supply and support contract from the Ministry of Defence for SOR/T™ dosimeters and XOM/T™ dosimeter readers by Mirion Technologies. This includes a 5-year paid support contract with an option for up to an additional 5 years.

The dosimeters are already commonly used by many NATO forces and will equip frontline British troops on operations where CBRNe weapons or contamination may be present.

SOR/T™ hardened tactical dosimeter

The SOR/T™ is a tactical electronic dosimeter that measures gamma and neutron radiation. Based on the proven DMC 2000 family of dosimeters, the SOR/T™ delivers stable, accurate dose measurements for soldiers and first responders with easily configurable radiation monitoring.

It can detect high levels of gamma and neutron dose rates, as well as low-level radiations (LLR). Lightweight, waterproof, and hardened, the SOR/T™ exceeds key military and civil standards to account for difficult operational environments.

You can learn more about the SOR/T™ by clicking the button below to book a guided demonstration with a product specialist. 


XOM/T™ portable tactical dosimetry reader

The XOM/T™ is a portable tactical dosimetry reader designed for the field management of personal or collective dosimetry when measured with the SOR/T™. It can be used autonomously with an integrated database, or as part of a global dosimetry and human resource management system.

Both the SOR and XOM are also available as /R versions, which are designed specifically for residual and ambient gamma measurements.

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