Safety in the workplace with the Tracerco PED-Blue Dosimeter

26th January 2022

The PED-Blue is specifically designed for users who are unfamiliar or inexperienced in the detection and measurement of radiation

Weighing only 190 grams with a belt clip attached, the PED-Blue is portable and lightweight, allowing users to work safely and conveniently. It is robust, durable, and precise, with common usage in nuclear medicine, radiology, veterinary medicine, scientific research, defence and security, as well as industrial applications, including nuclear power.

A reliable field instrument

The PED-Blue has a lithium-ion battery that can be easily recharged using the device’s micro-USB port. The device’s cable connects to any USB 2.0 compatible port, including those found on laptops, USB chargers, and car-adapter ports, allowing it to be charged in most environments and in the field.

Once charged, the battery can last up to 300 hours in background conditions with the screensaver mode enabled. Its long battery life reassures the user that the PED-Blue will continue to detect radiation for prolonged periods of time, such as during extended work shifts.

Safeguarding users against dangerous radiation levels

The PED-Blue’s alarm has clear visual, audio, and sensory indicators to notify users if the dose alarm threshold is exceeded or the accumulated dose levels are reached. Flashing LEDS, high-pitched beeping, and vibration will clearly alert the user, despite possible obstructions to sight, sound, and touch caused by PPE being worn.

Tracerco’s free DoseVision™ software allows users to customize alarm triggers for dose rates and accumulated dose levels, tailoring the device to their specific working requirements.

Clear and immediate radiation readings

The PED-Blue’s screen has clear and simple radiation readings, with green, amber, red, and crimson color bars. Accumulated dose levels are cleverly indicated on a figure graphic and current dose rates are displayed on a linear bar graph, allowing users to take readings quickly. The dosimeter also displays the estimated time left at the current dose rate until the next threshold is reached in minutes, ranging from 0 to 199.

Finally, the screen can be flipped 180°, allowing the user to wear the device hands-free and still take readings. Recorded data can be downloaded into time-stamped graphs using the DoseVision™ software and exported into CSV, TXT, and other file formats.

Find out more

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