Activity monitoring of radioactive therapeutic treatment

20th October 2022

Southern Scientific’s concealed ceiling radiation monitor reduces staff exposure by remote monitoring of patients

Southern Scientific’s ceiling radiation monitor has been developed to provide activity monitoring of patients following the administration of radioactive therapeutic treatment, such as I-131 ablation therapy used in the treatment of thyroid cancer, and Lu-177 DOTATATE.

The concealed radiation monitor is mounted in the ceiling above the patient bed, typically behind the ceiling tiles. This allows the patient’s dose to be monitored remotely, providing consistent assurance of their dose, and reducing staff exposure. Data is recorded using Southern Scientific’s Total Activity Measurement Software (TAMS), which can then be plotted and reviewed, allowing the calculation of the equivalent dose rate and determining when a patient is safe to be discharged.

In accordance with IRR17 (Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017), if staff are likely to receive a dose above 6mSv per year, they are designated as classified workers. The concealed ceiling monitor actively works to reduce staff doses while replacing older paper-based systems by providing a detailed trail of patient doses.

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