Posijet® News

Reducing skin doses and contamination exposure in PET with the Posijet®

31st May 2023

The Wales Research and Diagnostic PET Imaging Center is using the Lemer Pax autoinjector to administer FDG. Find out more here

Automating the administration of high-energy radiopharmaceuticals for theranostics

5th January 2023

The Lemer Pax Posijet® autoinjector has been developed for vectorised internal radiotherapy using Lu-177 PSMA and Lu-177 DOTATATE. Learn more here

WATCH: Posijet® - automatic injector for radiopharmaceuticals

26th November 2021

The new generation Posijet® from Lemer Pax is an independent fractionation and injection unit for high energy radiopharmaceuticals. Click to read more.

Posijet has a positive impact at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

26th November 2021

The Nuclear Medicine Department of the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust recently invested in a Lemer Pax Posijet.

Lemer Pax solutions for nuclear medicine

17th August 2021

From high energy radiopharmaceuticals units to tungsten syringe shields, view Lemer Pax's full range here. 

Lemer Pax case study: Ensuring optimal conditions for radiation protection in a mobile medical imaging unit

6th October 2020

Read the latest case study from Lemer Pax about a mobile medical imaging unit in Switzerland containing the Posijet®.

How the Posijet® will increase PET-CT capability at Paul Strickland Scanner Center

4th April 2020

Paul Strickland Scanner Center choose a new Posijet® as part of a major upgrade, please click to read more.