Automating the administration of high-energy radiopharmaceuticals for theranostics

5th January 2023

The Lemer Pax Posijet® autoinjector has been developed for vectorised internal radiotherapy using Lu-177 PSMA and Lu-177 DOTATATE

The Posijet® by Lemer Pax is a radiopharmaceutical autoinjector for the injection of 18-FDG, FDopa, NaF, FCholine, and 68Ga used in PET-CT diagnostic imaging using a Diagnostic mode. It has recently been developed for vectorised internal radiotherapy (VIR) to include a Therapy mode with pending approval for the administration of Lu-177 PSMA and Lu-177 DOTATATE for the treatment of inoperable neuroendocrine tumours.

The emergence of Lu-177 in theranostics

Lutetium-177 PSMA for the treatment of patients with advanced metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer is one of the newest developments in theranostics. It is administered via a slow intravenous infusion, during which a NaCl solution flows into the Lu-177 PSMA vial to increase the pressure, facilitating the flow of Lu-177 PSMA out of the vial, and into the patient’s catheter.

Because Lu-177 is a high-energy radioisotope, the solution requires adequate shielding to reduce unnecessary exposure to both staff and patient. By automating radiopharmaceutical administration using the Posijet®, operator skin dose can be significantly reduced.

Guaranteeing injected radiopharmaceutical dose accuracy

The Posijet® allows the secure automation of radiopharmaceutical administration for both diagnostics and therapy. The new Therapy mode includes specific radiopharmaceutical controls, such as verification of concentration and radioelement. In order to reduce exposure for users, the single-dose vial of VIR radiopharmaceuticals and its shielded transport container is positioned directly inside the Posijet®.

In accordance with the administration conditions required in the SPCs (Summary of Product Characteristics) of radiopharmaceuticals, the user only enters the desired total administration time as well as the rinsing volumes. The Posijet® automatically executes the stored protocol of the drug guaranteeing an injected dose accuracy >99% of the prescription.

Thanks to the activity meter integrated into the Posijet®, real-time monitoring of the activity administered is displayed to the operator, in addition to the remaining injection time. The injector also allows the partial administration of single-dose vials to adapt to the prescriptions of each patient with an injection report produced after each administration.

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