Reducing skin doses and contamination exposure in PET with the Posijet®

31st May 2023

The Wales Research and Diagnostic PET Imaging Center is using the Lemer Pax autoinjector to administer FDG

The Wales Research and Diagnostic PET Imaging Center (PETIC) in Cardiff uses one of the most advanced PET imaging systems currently in operation in the United Kingdom. The center’s FDG PET scan workload has exponentially increased in recent years, from 675 scans in its first year to over 2800 now. After an unexpected audit where two members of the team had been exposed to doses of radiation that exceeded the maximum annual limit for Category B professionals, the center decided to invest in an autoinjector for PET radiotracers to prevent overexposure to medical staff and patients.

Following a successful tender, PETIC chose the Posijet® by Lemer Pax because of its optimized technical performances, ergonomics, manoeuvrability, and safety for both patients and workers. The Posijet® is a radiopharmaceutical autoinjector for the injection of 18-FDG, FDopa, NaF, FCholine, and 68Ga that allows the secure automation of radiopharmaceutical administration for both diagnostics and therapy.

Acquisition of an autonomous fractionation and injection unit

When the search began for a suitable automated system, PETIC drew up a strict set of technical specifications, which the Posijet® fit best. PETIC was the first UK facility to install one and it has subsequently been installed at other sites, including University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.

Senior Radiographer Mike de Wet said, “From a Radiographer’s perspective, the Posijet® is extremely user-friendly and simple to use. With its compact design and WiFi application, the Posijet® has proved its versatility in manoeuvring and communication within the PET imaging center.”

Director of PETIC Professor Chris Marshall said, “We're really satisfied with our new Posijet® injector. It's proved to be very reliable and has significantly reduced the level of radiation to which our medical team is exposed. What's more, the precision of the Posijet® system allows us as an FDG producer to maximize the dosage of FDG in our vials, and thus to inject more patients.”

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