Griffin G510 News

Don't be limited by the lab - with FLIR's G510 chemical detector

27th February 2018

The Griffin G510 can quickly and easily identify chemical hazards in emergency situations; purpose built for portability and with an array of innovative features, the G510 ensures ultimate flexibility within field missions. Find out more. 

No Pyro, No party

19th October 2017

Stop the party with the FLIR Fido X2 and X3. The number of pyrotechnics being brought into football stadiums is a rapidly growing 

Detecting Opioids with the new FLIR G510 Portable GC-MS

24th August 2017

Clandestine drug labs are not a new problem for responders, but they are growing in number and present potentially dangerous crime scenes. One of the fastest growing opioid threats is fentanyl, which not only poses a significant threat to responders, but also to the wider community.

Introducing the NEW Griffin G510 portable GC/MS

5th July 2017

No Time? No Lab? No Problem. Quickly and easily identify chemical hazards in emergency situations with the FLIR Griffin™ G510 portable GC/MS. Designed for downrange missions, the G510 is a lab quality GC/MS which any responder can use.