No Pyro, No party

19th October 2017

 The number of pyrotechnics being brought into football stadiums is a rapidly growing problem for safety officers in the UK. The dangers they bring, coupled with the large fines given out by UEFA, requires an effective solution to this problem. 

The Fido range by FLIR has a long history of being used by the military and the police, but the price and portability of the X2 and X3 in particular has made them attractive devices for use at football stadiums. Indeed, due to the rise of flare use at matches, clubs in the top leagues across Europe are already considering these instruments as a crucial part of their stadium security.n>In the UK, the Fido X2 was recently deployed at the 2017 Champions League Final, with great success.

These market leading devices are well known for their chemical sensitivity, which makes them multifunctional for both explosive and flare detection. Furthermore, the ability to promote the presence of this type of technology would act as a significant deterrent.

Take a look at the portable FLIR range:

The range was also recently shown at the FSOA 25th Anniversary Conference and Exhibition in Stratford-upon-Avon with great interest.