Posijet® Radiopharmaceutical fractionation and injection unit

The new Posijet® is the result of continuous improvement work to launch an automatic injector that meets the needs in radiation protection and efficiency during preparation and injection of FDG, FDopa, NaF, FCholine, but also 68Ga.

Posijet® offers unrivalled ease of use for the preparation and injection of high energy radiopharmaceuticals while guaranteeing the highest security conditions and radiation protection.

After 18 months, the new generation of Posijet® has been chosen by over 25 nuclear medicine departments and 300 users worldwide. After 5.535 mother solutions injected into 31.624 patients, Posijet® V3 satisfies users every day thanks to its reliability and ergonomics.

Radiation protection is optimized with a dose rate inferior to 15 μSv/h at 5 cm from the walls ( with a 37 GBq of FDG mother solution in its 30 mm lead shielded transport pot).

The Posijet®'s three main advantages

1. Posijet® minimizes operator’s exposure

  • Injection and rinsing operations in automatic and/or remote manual mode.
  • Reduction of potential distal doses, with the proposal of a wash out of the dose solution kit at the end of the cycle before unloading.

2. Easy to use and adapts to your work practices for maximum flexibility

  • Automatic mother solution volumic activity check and dilution assistant.
  • Consumables are quick and easy to install.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • “Test injection site” function before the administration of the radiopharmaceutical by bolus NaCl (the volume of the bolus is adjustable).
  • Possibility to reassign an already prepared dose.

3. Posijet® ensures the highest safety conditions for patient and operator:

  • Maximum dose threshold, air bubble detector, injection force sensor.
  • Interoperability with all WIFI and ethernet connected radiopharmacy software.
  • The secure integrated website allows remote control and monitoring of all operations carried out with Posijet®, accessible on PC and mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

Posijet® Radiopharmaceutical fractionation and injection unit specifications

  • Dimensions (mm) :L 620 x D 929 x H 1261
  • Weight : 380 kg
  • Dose rate at 5 cm from the walls: : < 15 μSv/h (mother solution 37 GBq of FDG in its 30 mm lead shielded transport pot) < 25 μSv/h (mother solution 92 GBq of FDG in a Posisafe® 30 mm tungsten transport pot)
  • Syringe maximum volume: 10 ml
  • Dilution of the mother solution
  • Connection to radiopharmacy software: WIFI or ethernet
  • Compatibility with the following software: Venus, Pharma2000, Gera, DICOM protocol and others upon request
  • Remote maintenance
  • Classification: Class IIb Medical Device
  • Certification for pediatric use
  • CE marked Certification for pediatric use

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

“Since the introduction of the Posijet, we have been compiling data to determine just how effective it has been in terms of reducing staff radiation doses. This is an ongoing process and is also influenced by a number of factors, but the early indications are that the whole body and finger dose to staff has been reduced significantly.”

“There have been other benefits too, some more aesthetical than clinical. On the operational side, the Posijet certainly delivers more consistent administrations due to doses spending less time in preparation and transportation. It has also reduced the workload in the dispensary and lessened the risk of adverse incidents, such as contamination and needle sticks. From a purely visual perspective, patients like it too. Apparently, they think it is quite fancy!"

“Overall the introduction of the Posijet has had a positive impact on the way we work and the transition to the new system has been relatively smooth. Both Lemer Pax and Bartec have been very supportive throughout."


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